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13 States
33 Communities
Lincoln Highway
Millennium Trail Communities
13 States
33 Communities
1-FTR-* New York City NY Joseph E. Garerra, President The Lincoln Group of New York
2-FTR Menlo Park-Edison NJ Jack Stanley, Director
Thomas Edison Memorial Tower
Menlo Park Museum
Township of Edison
3 Highland Park NJ Mary Tangolics, Director Economic Development
Borough of Highland Park
4 Kingston NJ Corrington Hwong, President Kingston Historical Department
5-FTR Trenton NJ Andrew Consentino, Member The Lincoln Group of New York
6-FTR Coatsville PA Francis Pilotti, Fire Chief & Asst Mayor City of Coatsville
7 McKnightstown PA Merry Bush, President Lincoln Highway Association
Central Pennsylvania Chapter
8 Schellsburg PA Debbie Altizer, Owner Lincoln Highway Motor Court
9 Chester WV Roy Cashdollar, Mayor City of Chester
10 Canton OH Michael L. Miller, Director Public Service
City of Canton
11-FTR Galion OH Sharon Barnes, President City Council
City of Galion
12 Leesville OH Joe Everly, Member Lincoln Highway Association
Mid-Ohio Chapter
13 New Haven IN Terry McDonald, Mayor City of New Haven
14 Valparaiso IN David Butterfield, Mayor City of Valparaiso
15 Shererville IN Art Schweitzer, President Shererville Historical Society
16 Dyer IN Glen L Eberly, President Dyer Historical Society
17 Chicago Heights IL Dominic Candeloro, Assistant Mayor City of Chicago Heights
18 Geneva IL Doug Kaarre, City Planner City of Geneva
19 Malta IL Debbie Lang, Mayors Assistant Village of Malta
20 Rochelle IL Bob Gingrich, Mayor City of Rochelle
21 Sterling IL Scott Shumard, City Manager City of Sterling
22 Morrison IL Robert Atherton, Mayor City of Morrison
23 Jefferson IA Bob Ausberger, Member Lincoln Highway Association
Iowa Chapter
24 Gibbon NE Christopher King Rector, Mayor City of Gibbon
25 Sidney NE Gary Person, Mayor City of Sidney
26 Medicine Bow WY Gerald Cook, Mayor Town of Medicine Bow
27 Fort Bridger WY Ernest C. Georgis, Owner Jim Bridger Trading Post
28 Bush's Ranch UT Dave Bush, Owner Historic Lincoln Highway Way Station
29 Willow Springs UT Tom See, Mayor City of Willow Springs
30 Orr's Ranch UT Shirley Orr-Andrus, Owner Historic Lincoln Highway Way Station
31 Ely NV Brent Hutchings, Mayor City of Ely
32 Middlegate NV Fredda Stevenson, Owner Old Middlegate Station
Historic Stage Station on the Pony Express Trail
33 Sacramento CA Norman Root, Historian California Department of Transportation
"There are over 450 Towns & Cities on The Lincoln Highway."




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