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Crime Against Humanity
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
Robbed & Vandalized

13 States
500 Communities
1000 Days
2000--Spirit of the Lincoln Way--2004
"Honor the Past-Imagine the Future"
"Keep Alive...The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
13 States
500 Communities
1000 Days
The White House

Millennium Council

San Francisco, California
September 27, 2002

The White House

Millennium Council

#1-Crime Against Humanity #2-Crime Against Humanity

The first indication...

Oh Boy!!

#3-Crime Against Humanity #4-Crime Against Humanity

My worst nightmare!

They took the Lincoln Staute!

#5-Crime Against Humanity #6-Crime Against Humanity

But left all the patches...

T-Shirts and Hats.

#7-Crime Against Humanity #8-Crime Against Humanity

They went through everything...

in their frenzied quest.

#09-Crime Against Humanity #10-Crime Against Humanity

Then threw out my research...

and left behind their tainted call!

Items Stolen
Crime Against Humanity
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
Robbed & Vandalized
Items Stolen
1 American Flag
The American Flag
was the one carried across the Continient
and in many ways the reason for the trip.
It flew on the Sprit of the Lincoln Way,
was used at the Henry B Joy Monument Site,
carried to Ensign Peak, lay on the tracks
at The Golden Spike and reclaimed Lincoln Park
as the end of the Lincoln Highway.
As a historic ranks with the flags
at Iwo Jima and Ground Zero.
2 Presidential Seal
The Presidential Seal
came from the Nixon Presidential Library
and was widely used at the Museum.
In addition, it was used on the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
for all special occasions
including the Inaugural Parade.
3 Lincoln Statue
The Lincoln statue was special made
for the Museum by Austin Productions
and is no longer available.
It was the catylist and model for
The World's Largest Penny Statue
of Mr. Lincoln.
4 Lincoln Pennys
While worth only $100.00 in face value,
this loss is the most devistating
and cannot be replaced.
The container was the original
ice cream freezer and contained
all the actual pennies donated
and represent over 4000 people putting in
their two cents over a 3 year period.
5 Olympus E-10 Digital Camera
Brand new 4 Mega Pixel Digital
Pre-Production Model on special loan
to the Museum from Olympus.
6 Nikon F2/Lenses
Like new Nikon with 35 & 85mm lenes.
While not a digital with auto focus,
this was my personal camera,
the one I carried through
thick and thin for 20 years.
7 Brief Case with Papers
The brief case was full of important papers
including all bills and receipts
from the trip plus an active VISA Card
that was used to make unauthorized purchases.
In addition, there were two patches
from the Crestline, Ohio Fire Dept.
carried across the country
to be delivered to the Crestline
Fire Dept in California and a letter
from President Bush.
8 Computer Disks
Over 50 original Computer Program CD's
collected during the last 10 years working
with computers.



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