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The Lincoln Pilgrimage
January 24 - February 12, 2004

This year is the 80th Anniversary of the first
Boy Scout Lincoln Pilgrimage...

to Lincoln Park
and the
Harding Memorial Tree
at the
End of the Lincoln Highway.

In addition,
it's the 70th Anniversary of the first...

Union Pacific Streamliner Service.

This is the revolutionary M-10000
which was later renamed
The City of Salina.

And so,
once again we set out to
Honor the Past and Imagine the Future.

And...this was the result!!

Will be riding...

the California Zepher
from Oakland to Chicago leaving
Sunday Morning at 9:35 am.

Check the Amtrak Schedule for times and stations at

Still working on the Chicago to Washington leg,
but will try and let you know.

For more information,
please call me on the Cell Phone at

Warmest Regards,


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