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Thanks for the note and update..
As you might imagine..we are disappointed in not being able to make an appearance this year..for a variety of reasons..
First and the once in a lifetime alignment of the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway & the opportunity to honor Bernard Queneau,
the 100 year old Eagle Scout and only living member of the 1928 Boy Scout Lincoln Highway Safety Tour.
Accordingly, this will NEVER happen again..
Consequently, based on being a unique participant in the last 3 Inaugural Parades..and a highlighted entry in the 2009 parade
even though there was a similar oversight in the Lincoln Bicentennial Year and we didn't make the first cut..
it seemed highly likely that a 4th would certainly be possible..
based on this unique circumstance and t
he Nationwide Appeal of The Lincoln Highway and Abraham Lincoln..who was of course from Illinois..
(The Lincoln Highway was America's First Transcontinental Highway and goes through 16 well as Washington DC..where the route is actually Pennsylvania Ave..aka the parade route..
that in addition to the fact Robert Harper, Chairman of President Wilson's 1917 Inauguration was the Chairman of the Washington Lincoln Highway Committee)
That being the case..have been working on this for the last 3 years and added the last two elements...
the 1912 White House Electric and 1915 Henry Joy Packard..
to the base presentation highlighting Bernard with the could I not..after discovering the little known fact The White House
 actually owned 3 Electric Vehicles from 1909-1928 and that President Wilson drove the 1912 Baker a regular basis and even took it on vacation!!

 So..based on President Obama's call for One Million Electric Cars by the year seem a logical addition to highlight his Call To Action..
in addition to the fact President Wilson was the first member of the Lincoln Highway Association.
That being the case..a jump from the White House Electric to Bernard seemed too added the 1915 Henry Joy Packard to smooth the transition..
which might have been too much..but again..the history is how could I not..
Accordingly, if need be can drop those two elements and just go with The Fire Truck, The 1929 REO and Bernard if that will help matters..
assuming there might be a slot in the 2nd round after you hear back from everyone..
In addition, there are two more unique opportunities at stake..
First, recently noticed Steven Spielberg and the cast of Lincoln were guests of the President for a private screening at the White House..
which opens the door for Daniel Day Lewis to ride on the Spirit of the Lincoln Way Fire Truck as Mr. Lincoln..
since President Obama is such a STUDENT of the 16th President and took the Oath of Office on the Lincoln Bible..
(Steven could also ride on the Fire Truck which might be unique way to honor Mr. Spielberg for his support)
And speaking of the Spirit of the Lincoln Way..just last week completed a 4000 mile...6 day road trip to Utah pick up one of a kind 1915 Spirit of the Lincoln Way Statue
so it could be showcased to the American People for the 100th Anniversary after 30 years in seclusion..
Secondly...this is also the 100th Anniversary of the first Boy Scout Inauguration in 1913 and Edgar Martin the Chief Scout in Washington
who put it all together..was also responsible for the 1928 Boy Scout Lincoln Highway Trip
So..needless to say there is a lot going on..historically speaking..
That being the case...I will need to be able to give some reason beyond..there were a lot of entries..why these unique Lincoln related chapters in American History were not invited to participate in the 2013 Inaugural Parade..
since my charge for the Lincoln Highway Comes of Age..A Nationwide Millennium Project & The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives came from President Clinton in his 1999 State of the Union Address..
Honor The Past-Imagine The Future..Keep Alive The Sacred Fire Of Liberty!!! 
 Accordingly, since the application required a short and sweet explanation..many of these details and other subtleties...
(including the fact I have a lock of Mr. Lincoln's Hair that has traveled with me the last 15 years and has been in the past 3 Parades)
 were not able to be included which unfortunately did not give PIC the complete picture..and true significance of the presentation..
Therefore..can you SEE if there is SOMETHING that can be done..based on these new facts..and a possible 2nd round opening..and or provide an explanation for the Passover..
Awaiting your prompt reply..since it is STILL possible..
Until then..
Warmest Regards,
Craig Harmon, Director
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives
PS..can put together a more detailed presentation if necessary with full historic documentation if need be..
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Dear Sir or Madam, 

On behalf of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, we would like to thank you for applying to participate in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade. 

This letter is to inform you that unfortunately, your group was not chosen to participate in the 2013 Inaugural Parade.

We received thousands of applications from across the country, and this decision was not an easy one.

We would again like to thank you for your application to take part in the Parade. 

You have honored us, and your state, with your willingness to participate in this historic event.


Lindsay Scola

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