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Lincoln Highway
Special Resource Study

Part 5

August 27, 2004

Which brings us to

NHL Criterion 4:

"embodiment of distinguishing
characteristics of an architectural type
specimen exceptionally valuable for the study
of a period, style, or method of construction
or that represent a significant, distinctive,
and exceptional entity whose components
may lack individual distinction."

To say,
The Lincoln Highway
does not qualify
under this criterion
is nuts...

From the very beginning
The Lincoln Highway
took the lead as a
Memorial Highway
and never looked back.

In fact,
they set the standard as..

The American Institute of Architects...

took the ball and ran...

as outlined in this 1914
Lincoln Highway Committee Report.

Through their efforts,
The Lincoln Highway
was to have a certain
continuity of purpose
here to fore
unknown in modern
road building.

While not completely successful
in their efforts,
most of their goals
and plans were put into practice
in some form or another.

Many parks and public buildings
were already located on or near
The Lincoln Highway,
and received
additional enhancements
as a result.

Lincoln Park in Jersey City...

is a good example,
as James Earl Fraiser's
Lincoln Statue
was added in the early 30's

Memorial Arches...

like these in
Fort Wayne...


and North Platte,
were quite common
along the way...

with some towns like
Tama, Iowa
opting for something a little different.

The AIA drew up plans...

for this Arch at the
Wyoming-Utah State Line,
but to my knowledge
was it never built...

with these State Line Markers...

being used instead.

Memorial Miles...

were proposed...

with at least one
being established by
The Lincoln Highway Woman's Auxiliary
near New Brunswick, New Jersey
in honor of ...

Col. Albert A. Pope,
"The Father of Good Roads"
and were different from
"Seedling Miles"
established by
The Lincoln Highway Association.

The efforts of the AIA
were further realized...

in a variety of
Lincoln Highway...

street signs...

and street lamps.

In addition,
"The Spirit"
of the initiative...

was further realized
in this DAR Flagpole
in Fort Wayne.

While there is no connection
with the AIA that I am aware of...

there were several styles...

of Gas Pumps.

In addition,
a variety of memorials
were established along the way...

that include the Coan monument in Iowa...

the Osterman in Indiana...

The Clink Ave Pillars
on Crestline, Ohio...

The Hopley Monument
in Bucyrus, Ohio...

this unidentified marker
in Cairo, Ohio...

The Henry B. Joy Monument
in Wyoming...

and the unbuilt
Fisher Monument in Utah
to name a few.

In addition,
there were two kinds of...

Lincoln Highway Drinking Fountains...

which included this
Lincoln Highway Fountain of Peace.

Special Lincoln Statues

the Moss Marker
outside of Jefferson, Iowa...

the E. B. Wilson...

Lincoln Statue in Jefferson...

and the Mullin's Lincoln Statues
in Wooster, Ohio

Wilkensburg, Pa..

and Freemont, Nebraska.

As for Memorial bridges,
there are several...

including the first of its kind
built in Reno in 1914...

followed by this one in Tama
several years later.

But what's interesting,
is that the style...

was carried to other projects
like the Hawkeye Highway Bridge
which makes it an innovator
of a particular style.

In addition...

there's the Columbia Bridge in Pennsylvania...

The Lincoln Highway Bridge,
in Fort Wayne...

The Marsh Rainbow Bridges
in Iowa...

The Donner Pass Bridge
in California.

Which was all part of the
"Big Picture"
for the...

"Beautification of the Lincoln Highway"
as articulated through the AIA...

World Famous Landscape Architect...

Jess Jenson,
and adopted by...

The General Federation of Women's Clubs
Lincoln Highway committee
who was in charge of all
Lincoln Highway Beautification


the early tree planting programs

The Memorial Tree Planting Program
established in 1919
in conjunction with...

The American Forestry Association.

Which brings us to...

The Ideal Section.

What can you say about that???

But what's really cool,
is this 1915...

Ad for...
Lincoln Acres
in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

So to say
The Lincoln Highway
doesn't qualify under
NHL Criterion 4:
is nuts...

The Lincoln Highway
"The Show Road of the World"
"Set the Standard"
"Highway Development"

Warmest Regards,





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