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Part 2

August 27, 2004

Moving along...

While I have always supported,
anything that advances
"The Evolution of the Lincoln Way"
it is very important that
"The True Meaning and Significance"
The Lincoln Highway
be at the core of any effort.

Henry B. Joy,
First President of the
Lincoln Highway Association...

said it best in 1914.

"The Lincoln Highway
is on the Map."

"An enduring and useful memorial
has been created to
The Greatest American."

The Universal approval expressed on all sides is
tribute to the memory of a man
beloved by the people.

It is unique in th annals of
American History
that a proposal of a national memorial
should not even be debated
as to its propriety or its fitness.

The endorsement is unanimous!!

Could there be a greater tribute??

The evolution of this memorial has begun.
In loving tribute it will be carried,
as time passes,
to its ultimate ideal.

No cenotaph could so much
through the years strengthen patriotism
and bring closer to us all the great principles
of public service which Lincoln so ably
illuminated by his life's work.

To aid in advancing the evolution
of the Lincoln Way,
either by gift of effort,
is to serve the nation as a whole.

It is a work to which all can lend aid
and derive benefit in return and
experience the golden satisfaction
of duty well done."

The Work of
"broadening, straightening,
maintaining and beautifying
memorial road"
will be a labor of love
by a patriotic people.

Needless to say,
it just doesn't get
any better than this!!

From the very beginning,
I've had mixed emotions about
The Lincoln Highway Study Act.

On one hand,
it brought national attention to
The Lincoln Highway,
but on the other,
it was obvious to me
that many involved
have a clear understanding of
The Lincoln Highway
and thus it actually muddied the water
and brought more harm than good
for projects such as
The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age.

As a result,
many have placed false hopes
that the NPS Study would,
"Magically Solve All The Problems"
and instead of taking the lead,
they let the responsibility shift to others
perhaps less qualified,
and hesitated to
move forward taking a
"Wait and See Attitude"
while missing important
"Once in a Lifetime Opportunities."

In addition,
it is OBVIOUS to me
The National Park Service
and only sees
The Lincoln Highway
as a
with an assorted combination
of bricks and mortar
and interpretive sites
thrown in for good measure.

In addition,
others see it as a resource
to be exploited for commercial gain
when in fact
The Lincoln Highway
"The Heart and Soul of America".

Perhaps the best example
of these two extremes
can be characterized
right in Galion, Ohio.

On the one hand,
"The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age"
represents the true
"Spirit of America"
as articulated in this 1947 interview
by Bessie Beaty and June Rhodes
with Jane Fisher about her husband
"The Fabulous Hoosier".

Bessie asks June a friend of Jane's
who recently read the book...

"What is the Keynote,
the most American thing about it??"

The Answer...


There is nothing American's
could not do if they wanted to,
the tradition of
is in that book."

"Now men would hesitate
to do that sort of fabulous thing,
but then all those big men
were doing that sort of thing..."

"And there dreams
are the things we are
realizing today."

"It took a Pioneer to do that!!"

"And that is the
"Spirit of America"
that seems to be just a little bit down now."

I wish we'd stop worrying and go to work!!

Then Bessie says,

"Stop worrying and go to work..."

To which Jane replies...

"I think that 's perfect."

"I think work is the greatest thing in the world."

"I love to work!!"

To actually listen to the interview...

Click Here

On the other hand,
you have this interview in the
Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum
prior to the NPS Public Meeting in
March of 2003.

Linda Chambers, head of Main Street Galion,
is interested in the park service plan for another reason.

She says it could bring tourism money to the area.
"Heritage Tourism is the No. 2 industry in the state,"
Chambers said.

"It brings in billions of dollars.

In Galion, we've been trying to tap into that market.
We do have a link to the Lincoln Highway.
Anything that brings tourism money into this area is a good thing."

For the full text of the article
and my comments

Click Here.

But the point is this...

Just like Abraham Lincoln,
you have to keep your
"Eye on the Ball"
If you subscribe to the
"Spirit of America"
and the
"Ideals of Lincoln"

the World will in time
beat a path to your door,
but without it
you will sit back in hopeless despair.

I have seen it time and again...

The World is
for the

"Spirit of America"
but it requires the
"Spirit of Lincoln"
coupled with...

to take people NOT where they want to go,
but where they OUGHT to be!!

Quite simply,
The Lincoln Highway
is in a class by itself...

The Founders of the Lincoln Highway...

were well aware and of it...

and conducted themselves accordingly.

The Lincoln Way...

was always to be...

"A Road to Bigger Things"

"A Fitting Monument"

"To Bind The Nation Together".

Carl Fisher knew it...

when he said this in 1914...

"The Lincoln Highway will never be finished.
You and I will be able to drive over it from New York to San Francisco in 1915.
Perhaps ten years from now every mile will be of concrete,
but there will always be something more to do, some improvement to make.
Not only is the Lincoln Highway a perpetual memorial,
but a road to be perpetuated by the energies of future generations.
We are only laying the foundations now."

The best minds in the country are "laying the foundation now"
for the beautification of the Lincoln Highway ..."

"They are working today that the tourist of fifty and one hundred years from now
may cross the country over the most beautiful and inspiring roadway in the world."

"The Lincoln Highway is to be something more than a road-
It will be a road with personality, a distinctive work
of which the Americans of future generations can point with pride-
an economic but also artistic triumph."

Frank Seiberling knew it...

when he wrote Carl...

"All human progress is based on ideas-
ideas conceived in the minds of single individuals-
transmitted to others-developed and executed
into concrete, living realities.

And Henry Joy knew it...

when he posted this sign and said...

"I consider the Lincoln Highway
the greatest thing I ever did in my life".

It is this...
"Heart and Soul of America"
that's missing from the
National Park Service Report.

It's all about a stretch of concrete
and a few static structures,
and nothing about...

"The Greatest Memorial Structure of all History"

"The Greatest American"
and the
"Living and Breathing"


of the "Pioneers" who...

Dreamed it...

the Army of People who...

Built it as...

and the Nation who...






"Way of Life..."

but as...

"The Path to Progress,"

"The Show Road of the World"
not to mention...

"Why Lincoln Matters
Today More Than Ever...!!!"

Which is why,
this report and everything
associated with
The Lincoln Highway
is so...

Warmest Regards,





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