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Galion, Ohio 44833

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 So Why a Fire Truck? 
"The Day Mr. Lincoln Came to Town"
Flag over Galion - The Start of it all

The Funeral Procession
Out for a Joy Ride

 Advance Work 
Times Square-New York City
Great Race-Nobelsville, Indiana

 Getting My Feet Wet 
Getting the "Ole Girl" Decked Out
Galion Historical Society Picnic
"Do You See What I See?"

 $5300...Off the Wall 
Rather unique Wallpaper
32 uncut Sheets of $5 Bills

 Cutting up the Cheese 
"Passing the Torch"
Blair's Cutter Still Hard at Work

Time to Cash it In...
Look Real Close, it Only Took 20 Minutes

 Dry Run 
Mansfield Fire Museum Muster
A Token of Appreciation

The Lincoln Highway Flag

 What the Future Has in Store 
Great Race 2001
Atlanta to Pasadena

Day One

US Capital Photos

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember Photos

Change of Command

Change of Command Photos

Lincoln Memorial Photos

Zero Milestone Photos

Pressed into Service

Pressed into Service Photos

Pupper Dupper & Joe's Place

Times Square Photos

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Gettysburg Times Article




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