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The Perfect Tribute

Now for the plan...

After more than a year
of painstaking research...

the pieces all
fell into place and
"The Perfect Tribute"
was released on
Mr. Lincoln's Birthday
The Lincoln Highway
as the centerpiece of
The Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration.

Director Harmon went to Washington
and presented...

a special
Lincoln Highway,
Fire Fighter's Wreath
with signed helmets from
Oakland and Berkeley
as part of
The Official Ceremony
at the Lincoln Memorial...

which by coincidence
was recorded in
The Washington Post
"The Nation Honored Abraham Lincoln."

(Note the arrow)

The ceremony was particularly appropriate,
and marked the same day...

Franklin K. Lane,
Secretary of the Interior
President Woodrow Wilson...

Kicked off a
Country-Wide Exhibition
Americanization Campaign...

enlisting the aid of Hollywood...

featuring the story of America
as exemplified in the life of
Abraham Lincoln.

The idea was to make it

A Lincoln Year...

and learn to look at things through...

Thus the perfect vehicle
to kickoff
The Lincoln Highway
as the centerpiece of
a 6 year celebration leading up to
The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial
in 2009.

While there have been various
historic events
over the last few months,
"The Big Event"
The 90th Anniversary
of the Dedication of
The Lincoln Highway
October 31, 2003.

The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives
is sponsoring
"Light Around the World"
calling on firemen
all around the world
to sponsor community bonfires
and Light
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
in honor of Abraham Lincoln
and the fallen
Fire Fighters
from September 11th.





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