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1913--Light Around the World--2003
90th Anniversary
Dedication of the Lincoln Highway
October 31, 2003

On October 31, 1913 The Lincoln Highway was Dedicated.

Towns and Cities all across America Celebrated with Torchlite Parades,
Bon Fires, Speeches, Dances, Fireworks and Cannon Fire.

The Governors of at least three States,
Nebraska, Wyoming & Nevada
issued Lincoln Highway Day Proclamations
and declared it a Holiday.

In Nevada it was extra special, because Nevada was admitted
to the Union on October 31, 1864 joined in the Celebration.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, the Eastern Terminus
of the Union Pacific Railroad was the first to celebrate
with factory whistles, fire bells and a tourchlite parade
beginning at 12:01 am on the morning of the 31st
and continuing the remainder of the day.

Omaha, Nebraska, just across the Missouri River
hosted perhaps the biggest celebration in the Nation
with over 10,000 people attending a huge bon fire.

The Union Pacife Railroad donated 3 train carloads of railroad ties
for the blaze located in downtown Omaha as well as flares and ties to other
towns along the Platee River forming a 300 Mile line of fire.

In Wooster Ohio, it was the Biggest Day in the history of the Wayne County,
with Auto Races, Games, Speeches and a Mascarade Ball.

In Indiana, Farmers placed Jack-o-lanterns on fence posts for miles.

And in South Bend, Carl Fisher, Founder of the Lincoln Highway
stopped by to see the huge Auto Parade and 40 foot Bon Fire
that could be seen for 20 miles.

In Cheyenne, Wyoming the Governor made an appearance
and Cannons were fired to mark the occasion.

In short is was one of the biggest celebrations
in the History of the United States.

Accordingly, on October 31, 2003 for the 90th Anniversary
of the Dedication and the Kick-off to the Lincoln Bicentennial
the Museum is sponsoring a Global Event called "Light Around the World".

Firefighters from around the world are asked to sponsor lighting
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty" in their communities in Honor of Mr. Lincoln
and those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks.

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A Nation Celebrates
Coast to Coast
New York
*** *** *** *** *** Click

New Jersey
1 Trenton City Wide Parade with Illuminated floats *** Click

1 *** *** *** *** Click

1 Wooster City Wide Proclamation, Speeches, Auto Races, Torchlight Parade & Ball Mayor Click

1 Fort Wayne *** *** *** Click
2 South Bend Springbrook Park South Bend and Mishawaka were placed on the Lincoln
national highway in a trail of fire and blaze of glory.
A pile of boxes heaped up in a monster bonfire illuminated
the field east of Springbrook park while United States Senator
B. F. Shively unveiled the road marker before a large crowd,
following the biggest automobile parade ever seen in South Bend.
One of the most spectacular sights ever viewed in the county was
that afforded the Mishawaka delegation who arrived on the spot
first and watched the South Benders, each automobile illuminated
with red fire winding down the road in an enormus red glow worm.
It is estimated that 500 autos took part in the dedication.
It was South Bend and Mishawaka's part in a great national movement.
For at the same hour from New York to Frisco similar fires are
being lit at similar gatherings. From ocean to ocean flames leaped
in the skies 3000 miles of bonfires a national highway aflame.
The crowds gathered down town early in the evening. Everyone who
had a car had it out. Those who didn't have cars went by street car.
M.L Williams as master of ceremonies, passed the great line
as it stretched out Main Street perfecting the formation and
giving each driver some red fire to be kept alight during the parade.
The word was given and the parade started out Vistula Ave.
along the river to Springbrook. The red fires had died down as the
autos debouched into the field and formed a great semi-circle
around the bonfire. The torch was laid and the oil impregnated
pile and the flames shooting skyward with greater and greater
intensity revealed a great mass of humanity.
Senator Shively spoke briefly before unveiling the official marker
praising the good roads movement as one of the most important of the day.
Then Lt. Gov. William O'Neil representing the Mishawaka aggregation
told of the posibilities of the national highway and gave unqualified
endorsement of the plan.
"It is a sign of progress," declared Judge G.A. Farabaugh, the last
speaker. "It is a symbol of a new era, it means that we become more
and more one people, drawing closer the bonds of east and west,
making this a greater more united country.
Carl G. Fisher, of Indianapolis and father of the highway who drove
to South Bend in the afternoon, went on to Ft. Wayne from here and
didn't witness the final dedication.
South Bend News-Times-November 1, 1913
*** Click
3 Mishawaka South Bend South Bend and Mishawaka were placed on the Lincoln
national highway in a trail of fire and blaze of glory.
South Bend News-Times-November 1, 1913
*** Click
4 Elkhart *** *** *** Click
*** Valparasio *** *** *** Click

*** Joliet City Streets 15 Mile Auto Parade Will County LHA Click

*** Clinton City Center An automobile parade 3 blocks long and quantities of Red Fire
were the chief features of the Lincoln Memorial Highway Inauguration.
Citizens from 100 miles east and west met to hear the speeches,
see the bonfire and join in the parade.
W.F. Coan, State Consul for the Lincoln Highway
led the parade of cars decorated with stars and flowers
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil-November 2, 1913
Commericial Club Click
*** Cedar Rapids *** No Information Available
The Cedar Rapids Gazette
*** Click
*** Belle Plaine Opera House The opera house was well filled on the occasion
of the Dedication of the Lincoln Highway.
Three patriotic songs were sung by 200 pupils from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.
Muddy roads prevented many from coming, but there was still a splinded
representation of Good Road Boosters some traveling as far as 20 miles.
H.C. Beard, State Highway Commissioner was the principal speaker, with
comments by Rev. E. G. Hunt and the dedication address by the Rev. Vinton Lee.
President Miller of the Commerical Club urged for the hearty cooperation
of all and emphasised the great importance of the Lincoln Highway.
Mr. Payson Snow pledged his support and offered teams and labor
to assist in grading the road.
The hall was appropriately decorated in the national colors.
The Belle Plaine Union-November 6, 1913
Commercial Club Click
*** Tama Opera House Tama celebrated the Dedication of the Lincoln Highway
with a mass meeting at the Opera House with over 150 in attendance.
Mayor Wenser presided over the meeting with greetings sent to the
Lincoln Highway Association in Detroit and a resolution adopted
pledging the support of the community to the Great National Highway
Senator A.L. Ames gave a strong address and the Tama Military Band played.
The Tama Herald-November 6, 1913
Mayor Wenser Click
*** Marshalltown *** No Celebration was held in this City.
The Marshalltown Times-Republican-November 1, 1913
*** Click
*** La Moille City Center While no formal program was observed at La Moille
in dedication of the highway, people of the village gathered
in the center of town built a large bon fire and sent up fireworks.
The Marshalltown Times-Republican-November 1, 1913
Village Click
*** State Center Opera House A pleasing observance of the formal dedication of
the Lincoln Highway took place at State Center when 400 people
gathered at the Opera House to join in a rousing ratification.
Members of the GAR and DAR attended in body and motion pictures
and music were interspersed on the program.
A.A. Moore of Marshalltown, Director of the Transcontinental Route
delivered the principal address, telling of the highway, the objects
expected to be accomplished and the origin and history of the movement.
Other features of the evening's program were the
"The Star Spangaled Banner", "Columbia" and "America"
by the audience with accompaniment by Richards Harp Orchestra
The Marshalltown Times-Republican-November 1, 1913
*** Click
*** Boone Lincoln Armory The Lincoln Highway was formally dedicated in Boone
with the largest road meeting ever held in central Iowa.
The Lincoln Armory was packed to overflowing.
J.H. Dodge of Washington, DC a government Good Roads Expert
delivered an illustrated address on road making.
Another feature of the evening wa an address on concrete highways
Senator Lafe Young of Des Moines delivered a good talk in favor of
The Lincoln Highway as it has been mapped out.
He read a letter written to a local newspaperman
by Vice President Pardington of the Lincoln Highway Association.
Thousands of dollars were raised by the enthusiastic gathering
with S.L Moore heading the list with a subscription of $1,000
and J.W. Fitch who gave $500. Boone expects to raise $10,000.
The Marshalltown Times-Republican-November 1, 1913
*** Click
*** Grand Junction *** The gathering at Grand Junction was an enthusiastic one,
however unfortunate in that their principal speaker accidently went to
Jefferson instead. The program was filled with talks by local citizens
after which refeshments were served.
The Jefferson Bee-November 5, 1913
*** Click
*** Jefferson Elliot's Garage Local road boosters celebrated the establishment of
the Lincoln Highway thru Iowa at Elliot's Garage.
Mr. J. M. Forbes was chairman of the meeting
and gave many interesting thoughts on the Lincoln Highway.
Thomas Mac Donald representing the Highway Commission
gave a splendid talk and dwelt at length on matters of construction
and how to get the best results from the money expended.
In addition, Capt. Malion Head, Jefferson's leading road enthusiast
gave a short talk then closed his remarks with a $500 gift of faith.
Over $2,500 was raised for the Lincoln Highway leading through Jefferson.
The Jefferson Bee-November 5, 1913
*** Click
*** Scranton Opera House A meeting was held at the Opera House and presided over
by Mr. P.P Pritcher who introduced the Hon. W. W. Anderson for a short
address. V. H Lovejoy followed with a talk on road benevolence after
which E.B Wilson was introduced as the principal speaker.
Mr Wilson received the marked attention of the audience in a splendid
outline of Lincoln Highway Plans. Band music interspersed the program
with coffee and doughnuts served at the end.
The Jefferson Bee-November 5, 1913
*** Click
*** Glidden Carroll A large parade formed Friday evening,
making a procession of autos about a mile in length,
and motored to Carroll to join in the Lincoln Highway celebration.
They were met by bands and after the parade, conducted to the armory,
where a fine program of speeches and music was given.
The committee appointed her to look after the roads was J.I. McNaught,
J.C. Riedesel, W.C. Prill, A Moorhouse and Earl Rich.
The committee had the transcontinental route decorated with
flags for the occasion Friday evening.
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil-November 2, 1913
Road Committee Click
*** Carroll Armory Every part of the State was represented as beautiful floats
and more than a 1000 automobiles took part in an Illuminated Parade.
Prizes were given for the finest decorated auto
& most unique Halloween Make-up.
Hundreds of fusees and fireworks lit the way as the procession
marched to the music of the Carroll and Mount Carmel Bands.
Following the parade, activities continued at the Armory
with music and speeches.
Dr. Williams of Manning, Frank Van Erdewyck of Breda
and B.I. Salinger of Carrrol were the principal speakers.
Carroll did its share toward creating enthusiasm
for the Ocean to Ocean Highway.
Carroll realizes the importance of being on the line.
The Carroll Herald-November 5, 1913
Citizens Club Click
*** Denison No Meeting It is something of a surprise that Denison did not show
sufficient interest in the Lincoln Memorial Highway to have joined other
cities in celebrating the evening last Friday.
Practically all of the towns and cities from Omaha east to Chicago
had some kind of Celebration.
The Denison Review-November 5, 1913
A*** Click
*** Woodbine Normal Building 225 Were in attendance at a Banquet and Booster Meeting.
Speeches were made by Metcalf & Wallace of Council Bluffs;
Seath and McEboy of Missouri Valley; Stern & Humphrey of Logan;
Reed & Dewell of Woodbine; Moore of Dunlap and Frazier of Magnolia.
The Spirit of Unity prevailed for the Construction of the Lincoln Highway
It was one of the best road meetings ever held in this city
and it is predicted will be productive of the most results .
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil-November 2, 1913
*** Click
*** Missouri Valley *** *** *** Click
*** Cresent City Center A big bonfire and conflagration was held here tonight
to celebrate the dedication of the Lincoln Highway.
A large crowd was presented and a splendid time was had.
The bonfire was set in the center of the city
and lighted up the whole neighborhood.
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil-November 2, 1913
*** Click
*** Council Bluffs City Center Council Bluffs was the first in the Nation
to celebrate the Dedication of the Lincoln Highway.
Starting Thursday evening at 6 pm, over 300 attended a
Lincoln Highway Banquet at the Grand Hotel.
After dinner everyone went to the Armory for a stage show and
entertainment by members of the Knights of the Full Moon.
After the performance the doors were locked until just before
midnight when everyone marched to downtown to Pearl & Main Street
Then at 12:01 AM factory whistles blew in all parts of the city
and a torch was applied to a large bonfire.
Accordingly, just as the torch was applied,
a dozen members of the Dodge Light Guards under the
command of Lt. Fishburn fired a salute of several volleys.
In addition, at 12:01 a Special Telegram was dispatched to Lincoln
Highway Association Headquarters in Detroit announcing the event.
It read: "Council Bluffs and western Iowa will boost the Lincoln
Highway. At the suggestion of H.E. Fredrickson of Omaha, we
formally dedicated the great transcontinental route by a monster
conflagration and the blowing of every factory whistle in the city
at 12:01 this morning. Several hundred live wires pledged their
support to the highway at a booster banquet proceeding the celebration."
Preceding the bonfire Aurthur Smith's band played several numbers,
which materially aided in keeping up enthusiasm.
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil-November 2, 1913
*** Click

Governor Morehead Issues Lincoln Day Proclamation
At the request of organizations interested in boosting the Lincoln Highway
automobile route through the state of Nebraska, which follows the Platte river,
Governor Morehead has officially fixed the date of October 31 as a time for
the dedication of the road. What form of observance shall be made on that day
is left to the different persons and bodies taking part in the movement.
The Governor's proclamation is as follows:
The Lincoln Highway association , a national organization with headquarters
at Detroit, Mich. and formed for the purpose of promoting the construction
and maintenance of good roads through the country and having in hand
especially the construction of a coast to coast highway; having located
said highway across the state of Nebraska, thus assuring us a road
the entire length of our state that will be a model to be followed
by others interested in highway promotion.
I hereby designate Friday, October 31, 1913,
for the dedication of said Lincoln memorial highway
and I earnestly request a proper observance of this day.
John Morehead, Governor
Lincoln, Nebraska
Kearney Daily Hub-October 25, 1913
Governor Click
*** Omaha City Hall Omaha had one of the largest celebration in the Nation
thanks to arrangements made by H.E. Fredrickson, State Consul for the
Lincoln Highway Association. Mr. Fredrickson worked day and night
to make the Celebration one long to be remembered.
At least 16 firms agreed to decorate for the occasion,
including the Omaha Daily Bee, The World Herald, and The Daily News.
Over 10,000 persons thronged the streets to see the monster bonfire
in front of City Hall, as firemen and other civic organization's marched
to the mass meeting to admire the decorations and listen to the speeches.
Mayor Dahlman of Omaha and Mayor Woltz of Fremont
were the principal speakers after an open air band concert.
The Bonfire was perhaps the largest in the Nation and was built with
several car loads of railroad ties donated by the Union Pacific Railroad.
An oil company also donated several barrels of oil for the blaze.
The Mayor Click
*** Central City Road Work Governor Morehead's Lincoln Day Proclamation was framed in Central City.
As a fit observance, a sandy stretch of road east of Thummel has ceased to exist.
Under the personal supervision of Mayor E.H. Bishop,
10 teams and their owners were instrumental in making the transformation.
In response to the call issued by the good roads committee for donation
of labor, a number of our old faithfuls were on the spot and worked
hard from morning until night. A number of bad mud holes were filled,
and approaches to bridges and culverts were put in good order.
Mr. Bishop is to be commented for the initiative he always takes in
public matters, and not only did he advocate the work,
but pulled his coat and swung the shovel to such an extent that
each physical movement at the present time is carefully premeditated.
The Central City Republican-November 6, 1913
Mayor Bishop Click
*** Fremont City Wide Flags & Speeches at all Schools Commercial Club Click
*** North Bend *** At North Bend there was a big bonfire,
some anvil shooting, and a speech by Attorney R.E. Weaverling.
Enthusiasm for the highway is growing all the time and already a number
of $5 certificates have been sold in North Bend and vicinity.
North Bend Eagle-November 6, 1913
*** Click
*** Columbus No Celebration Hugh Smith of St Edward traveled all the way to Columbus
last friday to attend the celebration of the Dedication of the
Lincoln Memorial Highway which he thought must surely provide a big time.
After Scouting the streets all evening in search of the scene
of Celebration, Boone County's champion good roads booster
finally gave up the quest in disgust and sought repose at a local hotel.
The next morning Mr. Smith visited the Telegram office
and gave vent to the following sentiments:
"I can't see where Columbus business men can lay claim to being
progressive when they pass up a great a thing as the dedication
of the first transcontinental highway without even having a
public bonfire to commemorate it.
All the cities as large as Columbus and many hundreds much
smaller along the course of the Lincoln Highway from the
Atlantic to the Pacific held some form of public dedication
exercises last evening for the great highway.
I came down from St Edwards to help Columbus people
celebrate the locating of the road through Platte county;
I talked with many citizens, but could find few who even
knew that last night was the night set apart for the
dedication of the Lincoln Highway.
Seems to me Columbus People ought to wake up and put their
city on the map. Rip Van Winkle naps are out of style.
Here's hoping that in the future outsiders will have no
occasion to declare Columbus in need of an alarm clock.
The Columbus Telegram-November 7, 1913
*** Click
*** Grand Island City Streets In Grand Island thousands attended a Special
Double Parade in honor of the Dedication of the Lincoln Highway
and the unveiling of the GAR-Civil War Monument.
President Ashton of the Commercial Club said in part:
That Spirit of patriotism which has made possible to erect
this beautiful monument in the Court House yard
commemorating the splendid achievement of the soldiers &
sailers who took part in that terrible and unatural strife,
is the same Spirit that prompted a young man in
Indianapolis to plan a great permanent highway from the
Atlantic to the Pacific as a memorial to Abraham Lincoln.
Congressman Barton gave an eloquent sketch of Abraham Lincoln
and closed with a quotation from "The Ship of State".
"America" was sung by the audience, followed by the benediction
by Rev. Abbott and "Taps" by bugler Boehm,
Company M, 2nd Nebraska, Spanish American War.
The turnout of school children was the feature of the parade.
There were at least 1200 of the little tots and it was a field
of national color as the body marched down the street.
The parade was over a mile in length and lead by the Soldiers
Home Drum Corps which included over 100 machines, some profusely decorated with national colors and Lincoln Highway Emblems
Instead of Bonfires, the streets along 3rd and Locust were lined
with red fusees donated by the Union Pacific Railroad and was
followed by a large fireworks display.
The Grand Island Daily Independant-October 31, 1913
Commercial Club Click
*** North Platte Court House Mayor Evans and Harry Dix of the Chamber of Commerce were in charge.
The Celebration was held at the Court House with T. C. Patterson speaking on
his recent trip to Detroit for the Lincoln Highway Convention.
Invitations were sent to Hershey, Maxwell, Sutherland and Brady
asking that each town send a speaker.
On the streets large bonfires were built & the N Platte Military Band Played.
It is the plan to make this a general jollification in which all may participate. North Platte Telegraph-November 6, 1913
Chamber of Commerce Click
*** Kearney Center City The celebration and dedication of the Lincoln Highway
was fittingly celebrated in Kearney with bonfires, torches and a big noise.
Promtly at 7:30 the parade, the first number of the evenings program was
commenced. The crowd gathered at the corner of 18th street and marched
to the Midway Hotel, thence doubling back to the Opera House.
In front of the Opera House an enjoyable band concert was given by
the forty-piece band of the Industrial School.
The Normal Band also furnished music during the evening.
The speaking in the Opera House was opened by Dr. A.O. Thomas,
who gave a short introductory speech about the great purpose
of the Lincoln Highway in joining together east with west.
W. F. Baily spoke for the Commercial Club, outlining the purpose
of the club and the work to be done in building the city.
Judge W.D. Oldham was speaker for the evening and spoke about
establishing the highway as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln.
Many small bonfires were lighted after the speaking at the
Opera House after which a big free dance was opened at city hall.
Banners stretched across the streets, portraits of Lincoln
were hung up throughout the city and electric illuminations
all helped make the celebration a great sucess.

Mayor Knaggs issued the following Proclamation:
That Whereas: the Lincoln Memorial Highway Association
of the United States has selected a route from Ocean to Ocean
that passes through the City of Kearney:
That by common consent the Association and the cities and
towns on the route have designated Friday October 31,
as the time to dedicate said route to the people of the
United States of America:
In consideration thereof and in furtherance of said purpose,
I. William, H. Knaggs, as mayor of the city of Kearney,
do hereby se apart Friday evening October 31, beginning
at 7:30 P.M. fot the purpose of said dedication,
at which time is earnestly requested that all secular business
be suspended and that the entire city as one whole,
with one voice, one spirit, and one song, come out and
participate there in.
Done at Kearney this 23rd day of October, A.D. 1913.
The Kearney Daily Hub-October 24 & November 1, 1913

Mayor Click
*** Ogalalla *** Dr. H.E. Glatfelter, President of the
Platte Valley Transcontinental Association delivered the principal
address at Ogalalla Friday in observance of Lincoln Day.
An extended program was given, in which a fireworks display
that would do credit to the Fourth of July was involved.
A great deal of Spirit was manifest, and the Doctors talk
was well received.
The Central City Republican-November 6, 1913
*** Click
Press Coverage
Thurs Oct 23 Central City Republic Good Roads Day in Merrick County 1 1-2 16" Ad Click
Thurs Oct 30 Central City Republic Whole Route to Be Marked By Lincoln Day 1 2 6" No Click
Thurs Nov 6 Central City Republic Improve Higway East of Thummel 1 *** 4" No Click
Thurs Nov 6 Central City Republic Dr Glatfelter Delivers Address in Ogalalla *** *** 3" No Click

Governor Carey Issues Lincoln Highway Proclamation
To the People of Wyoming:
The Lincoln Highway Association has determined that the great highway
to be called the Lincoln highway, as a memorial to Lincoln, one of the
martyred presidents, should cross the state of Wyoming from east to west.
It is thought espesially fitting that on the evening of October 31st
there should be an old-time jolification to include bonfires and
general re-joicing; this for the purpose of impressing upon the people
and especially the younger generation-the servies and unselfish life of
Lincoln, and for the further purpose of painting a big picture so far
as amusements are concerned of the highway which is to cross our state.
It has also been suggested that on Sunday, November 2nd, the clergy
in the churches of Wyoming, as they will do in other states, take as
substance of their sermons the life and ideals of the great Lincoln
with the view of impressing them upon the younger generation.
Joseph M. Carey, Governor
Cheyenne, Wyoming-October 11, 1913
Elk Mountain Republican-October 23, 1913
Governor Click
*** Cheyenne Main Street A huge bonfire in front of the Plains Hotel,
the firing of cannon and the blowing of many whistles,
made up Cheyenne's celebration of the dedication of the Lincoln Highway.
About 50 members of the Laramie County Good Roads association and
members of the National Guard were the presiding geniuses at the bonfire.
Cheyenne State Leader-November 1, 1913
Governor Click
*** Elk Mountain *** The Lincoln Highway doings at Elk Mountain were a complete success.
We made her a bright spot all right and all were enthusiastic
over the program that was carried out.
Rev. J. Morton Young gave some interesting Lincoln stories.
Musical numbers and other acts were given during the program
by the Milo Duo Company and a general discussion was opened
for those who might have ideas on the subject.
At the close of the meeting Rev. Young asked for three cheers
and a tiger for the Lincoln Highway and its officers and they
were given a great deal of enthusiasm.
The dance then started and it lasted until the early hours
The bonfire on top of the hill lighted up the entire town
while it was at its highest blaze and could be seen for miles around.
Mr Taylor, Mr. Edfors and George Loring devoted the greater part of the day
to hauling wood and in consequence we had SOME fire.
Pastor Young's sermon Sunday night was a masterpiece.
Mr Young stated at the beginning that the subject was a happy
choise for him as the life and works of Lincoln had always
been a favorite study for him.
Elk Mountain Republican-November 6, 1913
Commercial Club Click
*** Laramie Schools All schools observed the schoolday set aside for a remembrance of
Abraham Lincoln and recognition of the Lincoln Memorial Highway.
Superintendent Sinclair delivered an address at the High School
suitable to the occasion and exercises were held in all the schools,
the teachers calling attention to the matter in appropriate remarks.
No demonstration was held in the city although the matter
was much discussed and there was a move for a bonfire.
On Sunday November 2nd,
the Union Presbyterian Church joined with ministers
from across the country and devoted the Service to Abraham Lincoln.
The Theme of the Sermon was "Democracy and Religion"
a message from the Life of Lincoln.
At 7:30 pm the First Baptist Church gave over the Service to
the Life of Abraham Lincoln.
Laramie Republican-November 1, 1913
Chamber of
*** Rock Springs *** President John W. Hay of the local branch
of the National Good Roads Association, has made arrangements
for the lighting of a big bonfire of sagebrush.
Rock Springs Rocket-October 31, 1913
Good Roads Assoc. Click
*** Green River *** No Information Available
The Green River Star
*** Click
*** Evanston *** No Information Available
The Wyoming Times
*** Click

*** Salt Lake City Grantsville The route through Utah was dedicated at Grantsville
where a rousing celebration was held.
The Salt Lake commercial Club sent two automobile loads
of members to attend the celebration
Bonfires were built along the highway and speeches were made by
Will G. Farrell and others interested in the road.
Deseret Evening News-October 31 & November 1, 1913
Commercial Club Click
*** Grantsville Opera House A meeting of Lincoln Highway Boosters was held
here tonight at the Opera House to celebrate the location of this
automobile route across the country.
Grantsville in common with most of the important towns
along theroute, acted upon the request of the directors of the
Lincoln Highway to make October 31 an evening of general rejoicing.
A large crowd was present and a number of good roads boosters
and "talkers" from Salt Lake City and Tooele drove out.
Mayor Monto Burrus presided at the meeting. Those who spoke wereA.E. Carr, R.M. Breeden, W.H Ellison, H.C Carpenter and W.D Rishel.
A dance was held after the meeting.
The Salt Lake Tribune-November 1, 1913
Commercial Club Click

Governor Oddie Issues Lincoln Highway Proclamation
Friday the 31st day of October, by statute a legal holiday,
is the 49th anniversary of the admission of Nevada into the Union--
the only state admitted during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
It happens that on the evening of this day, in all the cities and
towns of all the states through which the proposed Lincoln Highway
will pass, public services will be held, celebrating the naming of
the route and testifying to public cooperation in support of this
great benificial enterprise in memory of Abraham Lincoln ans which
will bind the Nation together in yet closer ties.
It is therefore fitting and proper that Nevada, as well,
hold such services, and that in such manner we evidence our purpose
of cooperation to the aid and realization of this great achievement.
I therefore urge and recommend that on such evening public services
be held, and in further compliance with the services proposed to be
held in other states on such route, that on Sunday, November 2d,
the clergy in our churches take as a subject for thier sermons
the life and ideals of the great Abraham Lincoln with the view
of impressing the same on the younger generation.
In testimony Wherefore, I have hereunto set my hand
and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Nevada.
Done at Carson City, this 29th day of October, A.D. 1913
Tasker L. Oddie, Governor
Nevada State Archives
Governor Click
*** Reno Powning Park In Reno a public meeting was held at Powning park opposite the court house,
at which Governor Oddie, Mayor Shair and others spoke.
In the afternoon there was an automobile parade with a silver cup
being offered for the handsomest cars by O.R. Morgan of the Reno Evening Gazzette.
The road marker of the Lincoln Highway will be placed on the Virgina
Street Bridge by council enactment.
*** Click
*** Ely City Hall Local observance of the Dedication of the Lincoln Highway
was marked by a meeting in city hall sponsored by the Ely Auto Club.
The meeteing was devoted to the discussion of the highway question
with special consideration of roads in the vicinity of Ely.
"Good Roads Crank" Gael S. Hoag introduced a proposal to build
an entirely new road from McGill to Ely on the east side of the valley.
White Pine News-November 2, 1913
Ely Auto Club Click
*** Eureka *** No Information Available
The Eureka Sentinel
*** Click

*** Truckee *** No Information Available
The Truckee Republican
*** Click
*** Placerville *** No Information Available
The El Dorado Rupublican
*** Click
*** Oakland Hotel Oakland Oakland will hold a Special Dinner at the Hotel Oakland
sponsored by the Prosperity and Progress section
of the Chamber of Commerce.
The Oakland Tribune-October 28, 1913
Chamber of Commerce Click
*** San Francisco Valencia Theatre With oratory and music and with pledges of loyalty
to a great new enterprise, the movement for building a great National
automobile highway from New york to San Francisco was dedicated
at the Valencia theatre, by exercises under the direction
of the Lincoln Highway Association.
The State and city government, the United State Chamber of Commerce
and the panama Pacific Esposition were represented in the list of
speakers and the name of Lincoln was eloquently invoked in drawing
together the East and West as it once joined North and South.
The San Francisco dedication was part of a nationwide ceremony,
as the highway project was commemorated by similar services
in every town and city through which it will pass.
J.A. Marsh, president of the Motor Car Dealers Associaton of
San Francisco presided. His introductory remarks urged
cooperation of every loyal citizen. J.J. Dwyer, chairman of
the State Board of Harbor Commissioners spoke on "The Relation
of teh Highway to the Panama Canal." "There is no movement in America
today more significant than the Lincoln Highway", said Dwyer.
Supervisor William McCarthy spoke of the city government.
He assured his hearers of the loyalty and support of the city and
county govermnent so far as could be given to the highway project
and pledged his heartest personal cooperation in the coming work
of financing and carrying out the great project.
E. F Trefz, field secretary of the United State Chamber of Commerce,
touched upon the effectivness of highways in building up the nations
of the world, and spoke of them as the groundwork of civilization.
The greater portion of the oration of Samuel M. Shortridge was
devoted to a eulogy of Abraham Lincoln. He delivered an urgent and
eloquent appeal for generous and patriotic support for the highway.
"The Great new highway from Hell's Gate to Heaven's own Golden Gate
was Shortridge's happy characterization of the new roadway.
Solos were sung by Miss Beatriz Michelena and Mrs. Roy Lee.
A musical program was given by the Municipal Band.
San Francisco Chronicle-November 1, 1913
San Francisco Auto Dealers Click
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Thurs Oct 30 San Francisco Call & Post A Fitting Monument *** 3-5 20" Cartoon Click
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