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Lincoln Highway History

The Lincoln Highway
was America's
First Transcontinental Highway,
running 3400 miles
from New York City to San Francisco.

It was founded in 1913...

by Carl Fisher,
President of Prest-o-lite,
and founder of The Indianapolis 500
and Miami Beach.

as a Memorial to Abraham Lincoln...

with President Woodrow Wilson
as the first member...

and announced by proclamation
on September 14, 1913,
passing through
13 States
and over
450 towns and cities.
For the first time...

America was linked together
East with West
as never before,
and thousands...

joined together
in this
"Great Undertaking."

Leading the crusade...

Henry B. Joy,
President of Packard Motor Cars
The Lincoln Highway Association.

This is his call to action...

and his
Loving Tribute...

"To aid in advancing the evolution
of the Lincoln Way,
either by gift of effort,
is to serve the nation as a whole.

It is a work to which all can lend aid
and derive the benefit in return
and experience the golden satisfaction of a duty well done.

The work of broadening,
straightening, maintaining and beautifying
this memorial road
will be a
labor of love
by a patriotic people."

Forty Seven Days later...

on October 31, 1913
America Celebrated...

like never before...

as Council Bluffs...

kicked off the festivities
at 12:01 am with a torchlight parade
and bonfire.

Later that night...

towns and cities...

all across America...

lit bonfires...

and held torchlight parades...

to celebrate the occasion.

For a complete listing of towns,
and how they celebrated...
Click Here for Details

At the request of
The Lincoln Highway Association...


and Mayors were asked to issue
Lincoln Highway Proclamations.

At least 3 governors answered the call
and issued
Lincoln Highway Proclamations.

Governor Morehead of Nebraska...

At the request of organizations interested in boosting the Lincoln Highway
automobile route through the state of Nebraska, which follows the Platte river,
Governor Morehead has officially fixed the date of October 31 as a time for
the dedication of the road. What form of observance shall be made on that day
is left to the different persons and bodies taking part in the movement.
The Governor's proclamation is as follows:

The Lincoln Highway association , a national organization with headquarters
at Detroit, Mich. and formed for the purpose of promoting the construction
and maintenance of good roads through the country and having in hand
especially the construction of a coast to coast highway; having located
said highway across the state of Nebraska, thus assuring us a road
the entire length of our state that will be a model to be followed
by others interested in highway promotion.
I hereby designate Friday, October 31, 1913,
for the dedication of said Lincoln memorial highway
and I earnestly request a proper observance of this day.
John Morehead, Governor
Lincoln, Nebraska
Kearney Daily Hub-October 25, 1913

Governor Carey of Wyoming...

To the People of Wyoming:
The Lincoln Highway Association has determined that the great highway
to be called the Lincoln highway, as a memorial to Lincoln, one of the
martyred presidents, should cross the state of Wyoming from east to west.
It is thought especially fitting that on the evening of October 31st
there should be an old-time jollification to include bonfires and
general re-joicing; this for the purpose of impressing upon the people
and especially the younger generation-the services and unselfish life of
Lincoln, and for the further purpose of painting a big picture so far
as amusements are concerned of the highway which is to cross our state.
It has also been suggested that on Sunday, November 2nd, the clergy
in the churches of Wyoming, as they will do in other states, take as
substance of their sermons the life and ideals of the great Lincoln
with the view of impressing them upon the younger generation.
Joseph M. Carey, Governor
Cheyenne, Wyoming-October 11, 1913
Elk Mountain Republican-October 23, 1913

and Governor Oddie of Nevada.

This is a scan of the original...

at the Nevada State Archives
in Carson City.

has the added distinction
of being admitted to the Union
on that day in 1864,
as the 36th State under the
Lincoln Administration.

In addition,
The Lincoln Highway Association
requested church leaders...

devote their Sunday Lessons...

to the Life and Inspiration of
Abraham Lincoln.

Pastor Young of Elk Mountain, Wyoming
gave one of the most rousing sermons...

to this national highway
consecrated to peace
and all its blessings.





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