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The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age

In January of 1999,
"The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age"
A Nationwide Millennium Project
was founded under
The White House Millennium Council,
answering President Clinton's call...

in his State of the Union Address to...

Honor the Past - Imagine the Future
Keep Alive...The Sacred Fire of Liberty.

In May of that same year,
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives
held its Grand Opening

The White House Exhibition.

It was quite the attraction...

and required a week to set up.

Over 5000 Visitors...

and School Groups...

from all across the State...

came to explore...

Lincoln Highway History...

Visit with Mr. Lincoln..

and tour...

The White House.

In May of 2000,
The White House Millennium Council...

The Lincoln Highway
as a Millennium Trail...

The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives
was recognized as the largest
Sponsor of Community Millennium Trails
in the Nation.

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In July of 2000,
as part of the plan to
Honor the Past - Imagine the Future
Keep Alive...The Sacred Fire of Liberty
Director Harmon
started in front of
The Lincoln Memorial

on what would become a 2 year
Odyssey to cross the Continent on
The Lincoln Highway
to commemorate...

the 85th Anniversary of a similar trip from
New York to San Francisco
in 1915.

In doing so,
Director Harmon
carried with him...

a photo of and lock of
Mr. Lincoln's Hair
as well as...

"The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
and stopped in over 450 towns on
The Lincoln Highway...

met with the firemen...

raised the 100 foot ladder,
and flew the American and Lincoln Highway Flags.

After taking these shots
in Jersey City,
the firemen took Director Harmon to
Exchange Plaza
and took this shot...

looking back at
The World Trade Centers.

After 6 weeks on the road,
Director Harmon
pulled off for the year
with engine trouble.

In January of 2001,
"The Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
was invited to...

President Bush's..

Inaugural Parade...

then stayed over for
Mr. Lincoln's Birthday...

and presented the
Lincoln Highway Wreath
as part of the...

Official Ceremony
at the...

Lincoln Memorial.

In doing so the focus,
shifted from the
Clinton White House
The White House Millennium Council
to the
Bush White House
and the upcoming...

Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration
in 2009.

In July of 2001...

it was down to Marietta,
"The Start of it All"
as the first Permanent Settlement
in the Northwest Territories
and original home to,
"The Spirit of the Lincoln Way"

for a homecoming parade,
before heading for San Francisco
starting in September.

On September 11th,
Director Harmon
was in Goshen, Indiana
at the Fire Station.

After a day to regroup,
it was back on the road again...

flying the Flags at half staff...

and establishing a
"Book of Remembrance"
for those lost on this tragic day.

As the trip continued,
it took on special meaning
as Director Harmon met with
local fire fighters.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa
he asked the Fire Chief
to sign a helmet,
similar to the one
President Bush signed while at
The World Trade Center.

Not long after,
the helmet filled up
and the firemen in
Valley, Nebraska said...

"We've got an extra Helmet..."
then signed it...
"The First Helmet for FDNY"
starting a tradition
that has carried on to this day.

To date there are 114 helmets,
but they represent only those present
and only those on
The Lincoln Highway.

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Then after 2 years
and 10 months straight
on the road...

"The Long Journey into History"
came to an end on
The 4th of July...

and ...

Director Harmon planted the
American and Lincoln Highway Flags
and re-claimed
Lincoln Park,
The Western Terminus
The End of the Lincoln Highway...

on the exact spot
87 years later.





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