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1947--The Freedom Train--1949
"Freedom is EVERYBODY'S Job"

Train Visits
All 48 States
1947--The Freedom Train--1949
Gubernatorial Visits
Train Visits
All 48 States

The Freedom Train went through all 48 States
during the incredible 2 year, 35,000 mile journey.
Most Governors made time from their busy schedules
to see the Freedom Train...up close and personal.

Maine New York

Augusta, ME - October 24 1947
Governor & Mr. Horace A. Hildreth of Maine
are greeted at the Freedom Train by
Lt Colonel Robert F. Scott, USMC.

(U.S. Marine Corps Photo)

Hdqtrs. No. 307261

Albany, NY - November 11, 1947
Governor Dewy is shown leaving the Freedom Train Exhibit.
Marines in the picture, Sargent Herman M. Appling, Benton, AR,
and Sargent Ferdinando L. Pacini, Redwood City, CA

(USMC Photo By Sgt. Wojdylak)

Hdqtrs. No. 306467


Salt Lake City, UT - March 24, 1948
Governor Maw of Utah before entering Freedom Train Exhibit.
Marined are pictured: Major Ernest E. Schott, USMC
and Tech Sargent Francis J. Schauf, USMC.
The Governor is on the Major's left.

(U.S. Marine Corps Photo)

Hdqtrs. No. 406550

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