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1947--The Freedom Train--1949
"Freedom is EVERYBODY'S Job"

3.5 Million
Sign Scroll
1947--The Freedom Train--1949
Signing the Freedom Scroll
3.5 Million
Sign Scroll

The Freedom Train went through all 48 States
during the incredible 2 year, 35,000 mile journey,
with over 3.5 Million American's signing
The Freedom Pledge Scroll.

Day 36 - Haverhill, MA Day 87 - Spartanburg, SC

Haverhill, MA - October 22, 1947
After being escorted through the Freedom Train
by Lt Col. Robert F. Scott, USMC Commanding
the Marines aboard the Freedom Train,
Mayor Albert W. Glynn of Haverhill, MA
signs the Freedom Pledge Scroll,
Mrs. Glynn is on the Mayor's left.

(U.S. Marine Corps Photo)

Hdqtrs. No. 306279

Spartanburg, SC - December 12, 1947
Mayor Leon Moore of Spartanburg, SC
signs the Freedom Pledge Scroll
after viewing Freedom Train Exhibit,
as Lt Col Robert F. Scott, USMC,
Commandant of the Freedom Train looks on.

(U.S. Marine Corps Photo)

Hdqtrs. No. 306731

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