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1947--The Freedom Train--1949
"Freedom is EVERYBODY'S Job"

48 States
322 Communities
413 Days
1947--Freedom Train Route--1949
126 Historic Freedom Documents
American Heritage Foundation
48 States
322 Communities,
413 Days
1947--Freedom Train Documents--1949
"The Beginnings"
#1-Letter by Columbus on Discovery of America #2-Magna Catra

Letter by Columbus on Discovery of America.
This is the first printed reference to the epochal discovery
of America in 1492. This letter was printed in Rome in 1493
and was addressed by Columbus to his friend Gabriel Sanchez
(Mrs. Marshall L Brown and the Princeton University Library)

Thirteenth Century Manuscript of Magna Carta
The Signing of the Magna Carta by King John of England in 1215
began a new era in the ceaseless struggle for constitutional liberties.
This copy (written in the late 13th century) is the only one
of such antiquity owned in America.
(John H. Scheide Library)
1947--Freedom Train Documents--1949
"Stirrings of Freedom in Colonial America"
#3-The Mayflower Compact #4-Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges

The Mayflower Compact
Before landing from the Mayflower the Pilgrims drew up a compact
which provided for their government during the first years
of the Plymouth colony. This copy is the text as published in
John Mourt's Relation of 1622, the first account printed in England
of the voyage of the Pilgrims.
(Library of Congress)

Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges of 1701
This is the original of the famous document signed by William Penn in making on of the most important grants of colonial liberties.
(American Philosophical Society)
1947--Freedom Train Documents--1949
"The Struggle for Independence"
#5-Declaration of Nine Colonies-1765 #6-Statement on Colonial Rights

Declaration of Nine Colonies-1765
(Library of Congress)

Thomas Jefferson's Statement on Rights of Colonists-1774
(Library of Congress)
#7-Declaration of the People Against Governor Berkeley #8-Caesar Rodney Letter

Declaration of the People Against Governor Berkeley
(Colonial Williamsburg and the Institute of Early American History and Culture)

Original Letter of Caesar Rodney Dated July 4, 1776
(Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach)
#9-James Iredell's Essay Stating Rights of the Colonists #10-Jefferson's Draft of the Declatation of Independence

Manuscript Essay of James Iredell Stating Rights of the Colonists
(Princeton University Library)

Jefferson's Draft of the Declaration of Independence-June 11-28, 1776
(Library of Congress)
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