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The Eternal Light Radio Show
"The Lincoln Highway"
February 12, 1951

The Eternal Light Radio Show
was produced by The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York
and ran on NBC free of charge as a public service
on Sunday afternoon for over 20 years.

The Lincoln Highway Show ran at 12:30 and
was produced as a Lincoln Birthday Special
in 1951 from The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg.

A total of 14 poems were selected from the hundreds available
and arranged by Radio Producer, Peter Lyons
to create this unique 30 minute anthology.

In addition to the many Sandburg poems,
"My Sweetheart's the Mule in the Mine" and "Great grand-dad"
two classic folksongs were used to tie it all together.

Balladier:Tom Glazer.
Lincoln: Bill Adams.
Orchestral Composer: Morris Memorski.
Conductor: Milton Katims.
Cantor: Robert Segal.
Director: Edward King.
Announcer: Mel Brand.

Dr. Allen Nevins, a Pulitzer Prize winning author
and American History Professor at Columbia University
rounds out the show with a short commentary on Mr. Lincoln.

"These are critical days, once more the nation,
its sons already dying in a far off war is gerding itself to meet
the possibility of a mightier conflict.

We here much of the tremendous material strength the country can mobilize,
the overwhelming weight of industrial production it can use to crush Soviet aggression,
that is important, but it is more important to take thought on Lincoln's Birthday
of our Spiritual Resources, of the task of mobilizing the moral strength of Democracy
which Lincoln invoked at Gettysburg and which history has proven
incomparably greater than that of any autocracy.

Lincoln died as the Civil war ended,
since then we've repeatedly had to mark his birthday while war raged.

In seven different years since 1865 if my count be correct,
February 12th has been celebrated while cannon rumbled in the background.

The nation's sons have always fought in a good cause,
but this year they are fighting under new circumstances,
for a larger cause than ever,
they are fighting not for the United States alone, but for the United Nations,
not for national security only, but for world freedom.

In his famous conkling letter just after Gettysburg and Vicksburg,
Lincoln expressed in one sentence the grandeur of the object
for which the Civil War Soldiers had died.

Thanks to all for the great republic,
for the principal that lives by
and keeps alive for man's vast future.
Thanks to all.

He looked down the coming ages,
to the spread of our Ideals of Equality, Justice and Freedom.

To those Ideals the United Nations has now dedicated.
In those ideals it finds a strength greater than in miles
of airplane factories and cities of munitions plants.

To our boys in embattled along side those of Britain,
France, and other Nations in Korea,
Lincoln voice echoes down more fittingly than ever

Thanks to all for man's vast future,
Thanks to all."

1951--The Eternal Light Radio Show--1951
The Eternal Light
Peace Monument

Dedicated-July 3, 1938
75th Anniversary
The Battle of Gettysburg

Lincoln Highway Anthology
Adapted From:

Published By:
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich-New York

The Eternal Light
Peace Monument

Dedicated-July 3, 1938
75th Anniversary
The Battle of Gettysburg

The 14 Adapted Poems
Good Morning, America Fire-Logs Band Concert
In a Back Alley Work Gangs March of the Hungry Mountains
Pennsylvania A Tall Man 57
Five towns on the B and O Prairie 19
Smoke and Steel Omaha *****
The Eternal Light The Lincoln Highway The Eternal Light
Lincoln Birthday
Special Presentation

Original Air Date
February 12, 1951

To Hear the Complete Broadcast

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Lincoln Birthday
Special Presentation

Original Air Date
February 12, 1951

1951--Listing of Segments, Titles, Opening Lines, Time Codes, etc.--1951
1 Intro-The Eternal Light "And the Lord Spake unto Moses..." Opening *** 00:00-01:06 Click
2 Intro-NBC-Lincoln Highway NBC-Lincoln Highway Narration
*** 01:07-01:42 Click
3 Intro-Lincoln Highway "The 48 States come singing..." Song *** 01:43-02:26 Click
4 Intro-Lincoln Highway "The Lincoln Highway begins..." Narration *** 02:27-02:34 Click
5 "Good Morning, America" "In the evening there is a sunset..." Partial Text 320 02:35-03:43 Click
6 Intro-Lincoln Highway "And in a Back Alley just off the LH..." Narration *** 03:44-04:18 Click
7 "In a Back Alley" "Remembrance for a great man is this." Complete Text 20 04:19-04:34 Click
8 Intro-Lincoln Highway "The LH works West and South thru NJ..." Narration *** 04:35-04:40 Click
9 Intro-Lincoln Highway "Look Back...and that was long ago.." Narration-Song *** 04:41-05:18 Click
10 *?* "Yes, there was an interlude..." Narration *** 05:19-05:40 Click
11 Intro-Lincoln Highway "On West through PA the LH reaches..." Narration *** 05:41-05:46 Click
12 "Pennsylvania" I Have been in Pennsylvania, Partial Text 157 05:47-06:19 Click
13 "My Sweetheart's the Mule in the Mine" "My Sweethearts the Mule in the Mine..." Folk Song *** 06:20-06:35 Click
14 "Five Towns on the B & O" "BY Day...tireless smokestack..." Complete Text 156 06:36-06:58 Click
15 Intro-Lincoln Highway "West and into Pittsburgh goes the LH..." Narration *** 06:59-07:02 Click
16 "Smoke and Steel" "Smoke of the fields..." Partial Text 151 07:03-08:12 Click
17* Intro-Lincoln Highway "I've been a working that Pittsburgh Steel..." Song *** 08:13-08:57 Click
18 "Fire-Logs" "Nancy Hanks dreams by the fire;" Complete Text 102 08:58-09:26 Click
19 "Great grand-dad" "Great grand-dad when the land was young..." Folk Song *** 09:27-09:45 Click
20 Intro-Lincoln Highway "Great west across Ohio..." Narration *** 09:46-09:53 Click
21 "Work Gangs" "Box cars run by a mile long." Partial Text 156 09:54-11:03 Click
22 *?* "I'm going down the track..." Song *** 11:04-11:36 Click
23 LH-Intro "The LH pushes west across Indiana..." Narration *** 11:37-11:49 Click
24 "A Tall Man" "The mouth of this man..." Partial Text 142 11:50-13:00 Click
25 Intro-Lincoln Highway "Westward out of Illinois goes the LH..." Narration *** 13:00-13:17 Click
26 "Prairie" "I am the prairie, mother of men..." Partial Text 79 13:18-14:13 Click
27 Intro-Lincoln Highway "Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown, Boone..." Narration *** 14:14-14:25 Click
28 "Omaha" "Red Barns and red heifers spot the green..." Complete Text 161 14:26-14:56 Click
29 Intro-Lincoln Highway "Through Nebraska the LH follows..." Narration *** 14:57-15:10 Click
30 "Band Concert" "Band concert public square Nebraska City." Complete Text 90 15:11-16:14 Click
31 *?* "I'll give to you a paper of pens..." Song *** 16:15-16:34 Click
32 Intro-Lincoln Highway "And now across another state line..." Narration *** 16:35-16:40 Click
33 *?* "The running water babble to the deer..." Narration *** 16:41-17:27 Click
34 Intro-Lincoln Highway "Through the badlands goes the LH..." Narration *** 17:28-17:36 Click
35 "March of the Hungry Mountains" "Across Nevada and Utah..." Complete Text 366 17:37-18:34 Click
36 *?* "It's old boys ho to Californio..." Song *** 18:35-18:42 Click
37 Intro-Lincoln Highway "From Nevada West across one more..." Narration *** 18:43-19:12 Click
38 *?* "He could work when he wanted to..." Narration *** 19:13-19:33 Click
39 *?* "Johnson Boys..." Song-Narration *** 19:34-21:18 Click
40 "57" "Was he a poet?" Partial Text 521 21:19-23:13 Click
41 Closing-Lincoln Highway "The 48 States come singing..." Song *** 23:14-23:31 Click
42 "19" "The people, yes, the people," Partial Text 458 23:32-25:20 Click
43 *?* "The Lord prefers common looking people..." Narration *** 25:21-25:50 Click
44 Copy of Script "Please send 10 Cents..." Transcript *** 25:51-26:04 Click
45 Intro-Allen Nevins "And Now we take great pleasure..." Introduction *** 26:04-26:12 Click
46 Dr. Allen Nevins "These are Critical Days..." Commentary *** 26:13-28:29 Click
47 Closing-Allen Nevins "Thank you Dr. Nevins..." Closing *** 28:30-28:31 Click
48 Credits "Peter Lyons..." Narration *** 28:32-29:17 Click
49 NBC Three Tones Song *** 29:18-29:24 Click
Bold Type Denotes Poem Title
Page Numbers refer to
The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg,
1970 Edition

Newspaper Listings
1 Feb 11, 1951 New York Times On the Radio this Week *** 4 Radio Listing No Click
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Special Thanks is Given to
Jerry Haendiges
for his Prompt and Courteous Service.
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The Lincoln Highway Episode is Number 331.


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