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1920--Boy Scouts Hike Across Continent--1920

The Lincoln Highway
De Forest Jones & Joseph O' Farrell

June 8th - ??

New York
San Francisco
1920--Boy Scouts Hike Across Continent--1920
De Forest Jones & Joseph O'Farrell
June 8th - ??
New York
San Francisco

District Commissioner
De Forest Jones
Brooklyn, CT
Age 36

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Assistant Scoutmaster
Joseph O'Farrell
Brooklyn, NY
Age 20

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New York
San Francisco
1920--Boy Scouts Hike Across Continent--1920
The Lincoln Highway
?000 Miles - 57 Days
New York
San Francisco

1 Tues June 8 New York NY Left For SF At 9:55AM From Eastern District Y.M.C.A With 48 lb Packs
1 Tues June 8 New York NY Left Brooklyn Via Williamsburg Bridge-Went To City Hall-Received Letter For SF Mayor
1 Tues June 8 Newark NY Struck Highway With Intent Not To Solicit Rides Per James E West-CSE
- - - Philadelphia PA Tour of City-Grants Cabin-Betsy Ross House-Franklin's Grave-Independence Hall
5 Sat June 12 York PA Passed Through Numerous Towns-Camped About 5 Miles Outside York, PA
6 Sun June 13 ?? PA Crossed Allegheny  & Blue Ridge Mountains-Rain
7 Mon June 14 ?? PA Crossed Allegheny & Blue Ridge Mountains-Rain
8 Tues June 15 Greens burg PA Slept In Lobby Of YMCA
9 Wed June 16 Wilkensburg PA Met Man Whose Son Was Scout-Invited To Home In Pittsburgh-Dinner-Scout Rally
9 Wed June 16 Camp Guyasuta PA Stayed At Camp Met Grizzly Smith
10 Thurs June 17 Ambridge PA Driving Wind-Rain Storm-Dust In Eyes Mouth-Sought Refuge In Store
10 Thurs June 17 East Liverpool PA Crossed Into Ohio At Smith's Ferry-Stayed Overnight In East Liverpool
11 Fri June 18 Chester WV Paid Toll & Crossed River Just to Say We Were In West Virginia
11 Fri June 18 Somewhere OH Hitched Ride-5 Flat Tires-Slept In Car-Rained
12 Sat June 19 Canton OH Finally Made it to Canton About 8 AM- Started For Wooster
12 Sat June 19 Lima OH Got Ride To Lima-125 Miles-Spent The Night
13 Sun June 20 Lima OH Breakfast-Got Ride To Fort Wayne-Changed Plans-Took Dixie Highway To Logansport
13 Sun June 20 Logansport IN Seven Thunderstorms-Met Scout Executive-Troop Meeting-Spent Night
14 Mon June 21 Logansport IN Picked Up Lincoln Again-Took Corn Belt Route To Kentland, IN & Chicago
14 Mon June 21 Chicago IL Weather Changed Nearly Froze-Met Scout Exec-Slept At YMCA Hotel
15 Tues June 22 Chicago IL Few Miles Outside Chicago-Met Ford Delivery Man-Rode 350 Miles To State Center, IA
15 Tues June 22 Dennison IA Crossed Mississippi  At Clinton-Passed Indian Reservation-Dennison-Storm-Overnight
16 Wed June 23 Dennison IA Got 80 Mile Ride to Council Bluffs-Crossed River Arrived Omaha 3 PM
16 Wed June 23 Omaha NE Met Scout Exec-Went To Camp Gifford-Gave Talk At Camp Fire-Spent Night
17 Thurs June 24 Omaha NE Got Scout Tour of  Omaha Stock Yards
17 Thurs June 24 Columbus NE Invited To YMCA Camp Sheldon-Stayed On Porch In Driving Rain Strom
18 Fri June 25 Grand Island NE Stayed The Night
19 Sat June 26 Grand Island NE Watched Wild West Stunts-Wild Mustangs-Bulldogging
20 Sun June 27 Grand Island NE Left GI About 10 AM-Chased By Cattle-Picked Up By Guy In Ford
20 Sun June 27 Gothenburg NE Stayed At Girl Scout Cabin
21 Mon June 28 North Platte NE Visited Buffalo Bill's House
21 Mon June28 Ogallala NE Pushed Watch Back 1 Hour-Stayed The Night
22 Tues June 29 Ogallala NE Very Hot Became Ill From Alkali Water-Hitched Ride To Sterling, CO
22 Tues Jun 29 Stoneham CO From Sterling Continued On With Same Guy To Stoneham, CO-Stayed At Hotel
23 Wed June 30 Stoneham CO Started Hiking Across Prairie-Encountered Rattlesnake-Offered Ride By Sheriff
23 Wed June 30 Greeley CO Offered Bunk In County Jail-Opted For Private Home Secured By YMCA
24 Thurs July 1 Greeley CO Greeley Wonderful Town-Met With Scout Exec-Info On Rockies-South to Denver
24 Thurs July 1 Denver CO Stayed At Scout Camp
25 Fri July 2 Lyons CO Started North For Estes Park-Got Ride From Dentist-Continued On To Lyons For Supper
25 Fri July 2 Estes Park CO Walked Creek-Hitched Ride to Estes Park-9,000 Ft-Arrived 10 PM-Stayed In Hotel
26 Sat July 3 Estes Park CO Up At 6:30 AM-Beautiful Day-Hiked To YMCA Camp For Lunch
26 Sat July 3 Bear Lake CO Met Mule Driver-Tagged Along To Bear Lake Resort-Stayed Overnight
27 Sun July 4 Bear Lake CO Off to Denver-3 Hour Hike Up 12,800 Ft Flat Top Mountain In Snow
27 Sun July 4 Flat Top Mtn CO Lost On Mountain In Waist High Snow-Finally Found NPS Cabin-Stayed Night
28 Mon July 5 Flat Top Mtn CO Early AM Awakened By Group Lost  In  Mountains All Night
28 Mon July 5 Grand Lake CO Left Cabin-Hiked All Day To Grand Lake-Had Supper-Stayed Night
29 Tues July 6 Grand Lake CO Good Breakfast-Picked Up By Editor Kremmling Paper
29 Tues July 6 Kremmling CO Spent the Night In Kremmling
30 Wed July 7 Kremmling CO Hiked Denver & SL Rail Tracks thru Gore Canyon-Hiking Hard-Only 13 Miles
30 Wed July 7 Radum CO Reached Radium-Station & One House-Stayed At House
31 Thurs July 8 Radum CO Hiked Rough 15 Miles On Midland Trail- Arrived In of State Bridge At 4 PM-Supper
31 Thurs July 8 State Bridge CO Continued On For 4 Miles to Ranch House-Stayed Night
32 Fri July 9 State Bridge CO Dinner & Stay Only 50 Cents-Hiked 11 Hot & Dusty Miles To Wolcott
32 Fri July 9 Wolcott CO Ranch House-Treated To Buttermilk-Met Brakeman-Rode Train To Glenwood  Springs
32 Fri July 9 Glenwood Springs CO 10 Mile Trip-Hiked to Town-Took Hot Springs Bath-Stayed At Grand Hotel
33 Sat July 10 Glenwood Springs CO Off To DeBeque-Picked Up By Priest-Rain-Drenched-Roads Muddy & Slippery
33 Sat July 10 DeBeque CO To Wet to Camp-Opted For Small Hotel
34 Sun July 11 DeBeque CO Walked For Miles In Desert-Ran Out Of Water-Got Picked Up By Wagon With Mules
34 Sun July 11 Palisades CO Continued On Foot Thru Plateau Canyon to Palisades-Spent Night
35 Mon July 12 Palisades CO To Early To Pick Peaches-Arrived In Grand Junction At Noon
35 Mon July 12 Frutia CO Had Supper-Got Picked Up At 9PM-Invited To Stay At Private Home
36 Tues July 13 Frutia CO House Filthy-Ate Breakfast With Food Caked On Plates-Hiked Back To Frutia
36 Tues July 13 Great Am Desert CO Lunch In Frutina-Hopped Freight Train-Crossed Desert-Spent Night On Flat Car
37 Wed July 14 Soldier Summit CO Rail Crew Change-Breakfast-Wash Up At YMCA- Back On Train-Arrived SLC  4 PM
37 Wed July 14 Salt Lake City UT Hiked Into Town-Picked Up Mail At Post Office-Got Hotel-Bath-Supper-Bed
38 Thurs July 15 Salt Lake City UT Looked For Work On SP-Sent To Ogden For Pass To NV-Met Scouts-Dinner
38 Thurs July 15 Great Salt Desert UT Boarded Train 12:40AM-Crossed Salt Lake-Slept On Train
39 Fri July 16 Hazen NV A Good Town For A Dead Man-Stayed The Night-Waited For Transfer Train
40 Sat July 17 Hazen NV No Japs-Got On Train 9:05 Left  For Amendee To Start Work On Railroad
40 Sat July 17 Amendee NV Rode Hand Car To Work Site-Hard Work-Rode Back-Quit Job-Slept in Pullman Car
41 Sun July 18 Amendee NV Left Without Pay-Rode Narrow Gauge To Flagstaff-Transfered Thru Feather River Canyon
41 Sun July 18 Marysville CA Wonderful Trip Through Mountains-Arrived Marysville 1 AM-Got Hotel
42 Mon July 19 Marysville CA Nice Town Looked For Work Picking Peaches- Went On To Yuba City
42 Mon July 19 Yuba City CA Found Job Picking Peaches-Guy With 25 Acres- $4.50 Day Plus Room & Board
43 Tues July 20 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
44 Wed July 21 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
45 Thurs July 22 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
46 Fri July 23 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
47 Sat July 24 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
48 Sun July 25 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
49 Mon July 26 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
50 Tues July 27 Yuba City CA Picked 1.5 Tons Of Peaches Per Day-$4.50 Per Day-10 Hour Days
51 Wed July 28 Yuba City CA Started Out For Sacramento-Checked At YMCA For Scout Official
51 Wed July 28 Sacramento CA Met Mr Connors BSA Council President-Gave Tour Of SAC-Dance-Slept On Cots
52 Thurs July 29 Sacramento CA Visited Sutter Fort-State Capitol-On to Dixon & State Ag College
53 Thurs July 29 Vacaville CA On to Vacaville-Met Scout-Invited To Stay For Dinner & Night
54 Fri July 30 Vacaville CA Got 50 Mile Ride To Oakland Ferry-Then To SF & Scout Office
54 Fri July 30 San Francisco CA Met Assistant Scout Exec-Invited To Camp For Weekend-Given Carte Blanche
54 Fri July 30 San Francisco CA Stayed In Camp Directors House-Hung Out-Told Of Experiences
55 Sat July 31 San Francisco CA Took Auto Tour of PPIE Grounds-Presidio-Chinatown-Pictures At Jones & O'Farrell
56 Sun Aug 8 San Francisco CA Lunch At Commercial Club-Tour of Angel Island-Back To Camp-Dinner With Scout
57 Mon Aug 9 San Francisco CA Delivered Letter To Mayor Rolph From  Mayor Hylan-Busy But Received A Reply
57MonAug 9San FranciscoCABack to Scout Office-Lunch-Met Natl Field Exec-On To San Jose

Los Angeles
New York
1920--Boy Scouts Hike Across Continent--1920
Return Trip
?? Miles - ?? Days

Los Angeles
New York

57 Mon Aug 9 San Jose CA Met Scout Exec-Stayed for Dinner-Gave Talk At Scout Meeting-Spent Night
58 Tues Aug 10 San Jose CA Started Down The Coast Thru Gilroy, Salinas, Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara
58 Tues Aug 10 Santa Barbara CA No Camping Places-Went To YMCA-No Rooms-Slept In Gym On Mats
59 Wed Aug 11 Santa Barbara CA Met Scout Exec-Continued South-Got Picked Up-Stopped In Ventura
59 Wed Aug 11 Ventura CA Took Pictures of Old Mission-On to Pasadena-105 Miles-Arrived About 8 PM
59 Wed Aug 11 Los Angeles CA Trolley to LA-YMCA-No Rooms-But Since They Were Special-Bed 11PM
60 Thurs Aug 12 Los Angeles CA Scout Office-Met Exec DeGroot-Invited To Scout Camp-Supper-Campfire-Bed
61 Fri Aug 13 Los Angeles CA Met Movie Stars-Patsy DeForest & Buck Jones-Pictures Taken
- Sun Aug 15 Los Angeles CA Went To LA For Movie-Back to Camp For Bed
- Mon Aug 16 Los Angeles CA Slow Day At Camp
- Tues Aug 17 Los Angeles CA Went On Hike To Letts Monument-Killed Rattlesnake-Dinner With Scout Exec
- Wed Aug 18 Los Angeles CA Met Mary Pickford-Doug Fairbanks-Tom Mix-Pictures-Interview For LA Paper
- Thurs Aug 19 Los Angeles CA Posed For Movie Man At Scout HQ-Mayor-Made Sunday Newsreels
- Wed Aug 25 Los Angeles CA Scout HQ-Boarded Train  4 PM-Chair Car
- - - Williams AZ Rode All Day And Night
- - - Grand Canyon AZ Took Train To Grand Canyon-Arrive 5 PM-Stayed At Bright Angel Hotel
- - - Grand Canyon AZ Hiked Down & Back-14 Miles-Attended IndianWar Dance-Bed
- - - Grand Canyon AZ Up Early-Breakfast-Photos of Indians-Train To Williams
- - - Williams AZ Train 3 Hours Late-Rode All Day & Night-New Mexico At Midnight
- - - Somewhere TX Entered Texas Around Noon-Texas Law-Extra Car-Negroes Only
- - - Kansas City MO Arrived Around Noon-Met Scout Exec-Tour Of City-
- - - Chicago IL Cross Mississippi River At Midnight-Chicago By 7:25 AM
- - - Chicago IL Breakfast-Bus To B & O Terminal-Train For DC-Pittsburgh At 9PM
- - - Cumberland WV Dinner At Restaurant- Waiting For Train-Slept On Train Couch Up At 3:30 for Tickets
- - - Washington DC Arrived 8 AM In DC-Scout Office-Washington Monument, Etc, Etc.
- - - Washington DC Boarded Train For NYC Via Baltimore & Philadelphia
- - - Brooklyn NY Arrived in Brooklyn At 9PM After 8000 Miles-Spirit of Scouting

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2 Tues June 8 Brooklyn Eagle Brooklyn Boy Scout Leaders Start 3-Month Hike to Frisco 17 5-6 16" Yes Click
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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3 Sun Oct 3 Brooklyn Eagle Leaders Visit Home Of Buffalo Bill BSP-8 5 14" No Click
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5 Sun Oct 17 Brooklyn Eagle Lost On Mountain Covered With Snow On 4th Of July BSP-8 6 16" No Click
6 Sun Oct 24 Brooklyn Eagle Their Water Gone, 2 Hikers Stagger Across US Desert BSP-8 1-2 24" No Click
7 Sun Oct 31 Brooklyn Eagle Building Railroad ON Hot Desert No Cinch , Scouts Vow BSP-8 1 21" No Click
8 Sun Nov 7 Brooklyn Eagle California Peaches Enrich Hikers $81; Reach Sacramento BSP-8 5 20" No Click
9 Sun Nov 14 Brooklyn Eagle San Francisco One Round Of Pleasure For Hiking Scouts BSP-8 1-2 24" No Click
10 Sun Nov 21 Brooklyn Eagle California  Towns Give Glad Hand To Wandering Scouts BSP-8 1-2 22" No Click
11 Sun Nov 28 Brooklyn Eagle Hiking Scouts Pose For Movies--See Film Stars AT Work BSP-8 1-2 24" No Click
12 Sun Dec 5 Brooklyn Eagle Hiking Scouts Visit Grand Canyon On Trip From Coast BSP-8 1 20" No Click
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