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Number 365
Lincoln Highway Chopper
March 21, 2004

Dear Friends,

Sorry for the delay,
but Washington has been full of excitement
and it's been hard to keep up.

More on this later,
but first...

Finally received the
"Letter of Recognition"
from the Governor of Utah

That makes 9 out of 14 Governors to respond.
5 with Proclamations
and 4 with letters of support.

Only Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wyoming, Nevada and California
have yet to respond.

To view them
in large format
go to
"Light Around the World"

Click Here

Then Click on
the one you want.

And speaking of the Internet,
was doing a search the other night
and tripped across several new listings.

First is the preview for the
Lincoln Pilgrimage in Redlands California.

Click Here

Apparently I forgot to download it,
so all you can get is the teaser
without signing up.

Will see if I can't get
a copy and include it later.

This article in
The Ely Daily Times...

Click Here
was sure a surprise.

Hard to believe,
but almost 3 years later...

they still remember the
Fire Truck.

And as if that isn't enough...

You might remember
The Harvard Republican Club...

used my...

Lincoln Photo
on their web site
as part of their
Lincoln Day Celebration
last year.

Click Here


They used it again this year...

Click Here

along with a shot of...

George W. at
The Daytona 500.


But it doesn't stop there...

Tripped over this rather obscure web site...

Click Here

that used this photo...

of the
Lincoln Highway Board Game.

Note the Credit to the Museum.

And speaking of credits...

Check out this credit on PBS...

Click Here

for this shot...

from Central City, Nebraska.

You have to scroll sideways
all the way to see it but
sure enough,
there it is...
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives.

And then it gets better...

check out the credit
for this PBS Special on
WTTW-11 Chicago

Click Here

They used about 10 or 15 shots,
should be fun to watch this one.

It ran for the first time
last Thursday night.

But get this...
the Producer and Host is
Geoffrey Baer
a friend from Miami.

We were in the same
Radio and Television
classes together.

Small World...

Called him on Friday,
but he was out until Monday.

Should be fun
to do a little catching up.

Will keep you posted...

No doubt,
a copy of the show
will be in order.

One more thing before I close...

This years
Dunlop Elite...

Motorcycle Grand Tour
is on
The Lincoln Highway.

Click Here for Details...

Click Here

This is the perfect lead in for
2005 and the 90th Anniversary of
The 1915 Motorcycle Relay,
which is the next big event

Click Here

across the Continent.
You might recall...

they carried a dispatch from President Wilson...

to the President of the PPIE
and the Commander of the Presidio
in San Francisco.

Can you see a
thousands of bikers
"Rolling Thunder"
traveling across the Continent
with a
Special Lincoln Highway Chopper...

similar to this Fire Bike
made by
Orange County Choppers...

Click Here

in the lead with
Arnold, Jay
and other
Celeb Bikers
at the controls??

Warmest Regards,


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