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Number 363
Face Up!!
February 25, 2004

Dear Friends,

They all have the capacity
to make a difference,
sure would help
if it were...

And just in case
you didn't hear it the first time.

Let me say it one more time
for good measure.

Sure would help if it were...

That being said,
my curiosity was aroused,
so I asked the maid
about the story line.

She looked at me kinda funny,
and I finally figured out
she habla Ingles,
muy poco..

Turns out...
someone left it in their room,
so she said I could have it.

I opened the dust jacket
and began to read...

And so the plot thickens...

Wasn't that the title...

of the Billboard in Times Square,

"The Perfect Tribute"

and perhaps...

Do, Do, Do, Do!!

And then it gets better...

Turns out one of the main characters...

was born on my birthday!!

The only birthday,

mentioned in the whole book.

he was killed off
in the first chapter,
but the point is...

He was willing to make
the ultimate sacrifice that
"All Men Might Be Free."

So guess we all know
what I did over the weekend.

First book I've read
cover to cover
in years.

And while interesting,
it was hardly a
Pulitzer Prize Winner.

Seemed like it took forever
to reach the obvious.

But there were a few,
interesting tid bits.

In one particular case,
"The Believers"
needed a none discript way
to acknowledge one another...

so one of the groups chose a
Lincoln Penny
as their symbol.

And Speaking of Believers...

The Pentagram
was the first time
that observation had been made.

Guess it makes sense,
but here's the best part...

After I read the passage,
I went in the bathroom for a second,
and back under the sink,
something caught my eye.

It was Honest Abe...

Face Up!!

Warmest Regards,


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