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Number 362
Who, What, Where, When??
February 25, 2004

Dear Friends,

Well let's hope so...

The Associated Press photo...

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The Washington Post

The Pentagram

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All are good starts,
but we need to do a C-Span,
or major TV News Spot,
as well as establish an
ongoing dialog with
The White House.

And speaking of...

they called the other day
so I went over for a tour and
preliminary interview.

Even got to check out
the set of
Washington Journal.

Look Familiar??

Will be interesting to see what happens...

On the way out,
stopped by...

for a visit.

Still working on this one.

As for...

The White House,
have some feelers out there
and should know later this week.

Even stopped by...

The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission...

and had an hour long conversation with...

Well we can dream...right??

Sure would be nice!!

Actually it was with...

Michael Bishop,
the Executive Director.

You might recall,
he was in Oakland last August
and made a surprise visit during
The Baker Tea Set

things are moving,
only question is,
Who, What, Where & When?

Warmest Regards,


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