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Number 361
February 24, 2004

Dear Friends,

After a few wonderful
nights at Days Inn,
I pretty much settled
into a regular routine.

But then last Thursday,
the bottom dropped out.

Seems the Hotel Fairy
visited sometime during the night
and left her bill under my pillow.

actually she slide it under the door.

So I called down to the front desk.

"Oh we thought you were checking out,
plus we need your room for a school group
coming in at 4 pm.


Guess beggars can't be choosers,
but it would sure be nice once in a while
to not have to pack up every ten minutes
with half the planet in tow.

Well do you have another??

It was only two floors up,
but the bellman's cart was in use
so I had to drag
one, two, three, four, five, six bags
down the hall,
wait for the elevator,
then down another hall
all the while keeping
the room cards straight.


It was kinda like walking
and chewing gum
at the same time.

When I finally arrived at my new home,
the maid's cart was partially blocking the hall
so it caught my attention.

I had to laugh...

As I'm sure you are aware,
this trip pretty important
and one of the last
opportunities to set the stage for
The Lincoln Highway
as the centerpiece for the upcoming
Lincoln Bicentennial.

Not too much longer
and the door will shut,
and then it will be too late.

So it's pretty much now or never.

I'm constantly on the lookout for that
one opportunity that will open the flood gates
and send us over the top.

Oh I know it's out there
somewhere on the horizon,
but the big question is when?

To say it's constantly on my mind,
would be an understatement,
to say the least.

That's what made me laugh...

Can you believe it??

Strategically placed,
so I couldn't miss it...

was a book I'd never seen before,
but the message was unmistakably clear...


Warmest Regards,


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