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Number 360
Spirit of America
February 23, 2004

Dear Friends,

"...a true believer in
The Lincoln Highway."

Which is what makes
this next passage so important.

It is was transcribed last Friday
at the Library of Congress
from an interview broadcast
on WOR Radio
February 17, 1947
conducted by Bessie Beatty
with Jane Fisher,
wife of Carl Fisher
and author of
The Fabulous Hoosier.

She starts out and says...

"The Lincoln Highway
was practically born in my Living Room."

But the best part is when Betty asks...

"What is the Keynote,
the most American thing about it??"

And then from the mouth of another
True Believer...

And one in a position to know,
she says...

There is nothing American's
could not do if they wanted to,
the tradition of
is in that book."

"Now men would hesitate
to do that sort of fabulous thing,
but then all those big men
were doing that sort of thing..."

"And there dreams
are the things we are
realizing today."

"It took a Pioneer to do that!!"

"And that is the
"Spirit of America"
that seems to be just a little bit down now."

I wish we'd stop worrying and go to work!!

Then Bessie says,

"Stop worrying and go to work..."

To which Jane replies...

"I think that 's perfect."

"I think work is the greatest thing in the world."

"I love to work!!"

Warmest Regards,


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