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Number 359
A True Believer!!
February 23, 2004

Dear Friends,

That in itself was an education,
because I came away with the knowledge
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives
is second to none,
and when you consider it was built from scratch,
with no budget and in less than two weeks,
there IS no comparison!!

Now there's a story...

And speaking of stories...

The Pentagram
which covers Fort McNair,
Fort Meyer
and the

did a real nice piece on the Museum
in last Friday's paper.

I'm told all the
"Top Brass"
in Washington
read it religiously.

That's it on page 3
in the lower right and reads...

and then it goes on...

All in all,
think it turned out real nice,
but the best part is the
second paragraph...

"...Harmon is a True Believer."

Warmest Regards,


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