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Number 358
America's Great Museum
February 23, 2004

Dear Friends,

Guess he must have seen...

"Lincoln Way"
on the back of my bunker coat.

So guess I made the right choice
after all.

And then it gets better...

But first,
will you look at the length of that hair...

Hard to believe,
but like I said,
"Not cutting it until I'm done."

Which could be very soon now...

In any event,
on the way back from
The Washington Post
and just outside the hotel
this fellow and his wife say,
"Where's the Fire?"

One thing leads to another,
and after a half hour talk in the cold
about Mr. Lincoln the Lincoln Highway
and the Smithsonian's new exhibit...

"America on the Move"
it turns out their daughter
was born on Mr. Lincoln's birthday...

so we got this shot for posterity.

After we said good-bye,
went up to the room and got an email
from a friend...

Check this out...

Click Here

Woodrow Wilson's Lincoln Highway card with A. R. Pardington's
America on the Move exhibit

Can you believe it??

"America on the Move"

Woodrow Wilson's
Lincoln Highway
Contributor's Ticket
Number One!!

So how cool is that??

While we always knew he got certificate...

Number One,
this is the first
Membership Card or Contributor's Ticket
I've ever seen.

Guess you learn something everyday.

Next day,
I marched over to the Smithsonian
to check it out...

but all they have on display is
this 1928 Boy Scout Marker
and a Dash Display.

The Membership Card
is only available online.

But that gave me an excuse to
call up the museum staff
and visit the inner sanctum of
America's Great Museum.

Warmest Regards,


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