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Number 357
That's in Frankfort...Right??
February 23, 2004

Dear Friends,

With the passing of Lincoln's Birthday,
my parent's headed back to Ohio,
but there is still work to be done
before heading back to California.

Only one problem...

Where was I going to stay???

Since my humble home was back in California,
and I didn't want to impose on the firemen,
that only left one option...

in almost 1000 days on the road,
I've never had to pay for a hotel room.

For some reason it always worked out...

I'd stay at the firehouse,
be invited to a private home,
be the guest of the local innkeeper
or stay in the fireman's suite,
aka, the front seat.

the streak was about to change.

I asked the manager
where my parents were staying
if he would comp a room for Mr. Lincoln,
on President's Day,
but he declined.

instead of the usual $89.00 which I grudgingly
accepted in hopes he might change his mind.

When I got back to the room,
he called and said he made a mistake,
the rate was now $69.00.

He gave me an hour to decide,
and then I was out on the street
with count em...
One, two, three, four, five, six bags!!

I quickly checked two other hotels nearby
and while one said she'd like to help
the end result was the same.

What to do??
What to do??

So I put on my thinking cap,
and moments later
called the
Days Inn
Crystal City, Virginia
where I'd stayed a few nights
on my first trip to Washington in 1999.

The manager was quite nice,
and said due to construction
he could not comp the room,
but would give me the employee rate of $50.00.

Oh much for the record.

I was the only passenger
on the 2 o'clock shuttle to the airport
so we took a short detour
to Crystal City...

Imagine that.

After a short breather,
I took off for the meeting at
The Washington Post.

As I opened the door,
three fellows rushed down the hall
with bags in hand.

Then I heard one say,
"Lincoln Way"
I went to school at
Lincoln Way south of Chicago.

Then I yelled back,
"Oh yea,
that's in Frankfort...Right?"

Warmest Regards,


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