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Number 356
All Aboard!!
January 23, 2004

Dear Friends,

All Aboard!!!

And speaking of trains...

There was one last display
on the second floor.

It was the Cab...

of one of their...

new locomotives.

that's pretty cool...

We almost blew it off,
but then thought,
"What the heck,
might as well step inside and see
what it would be like
to ride along with the
Union Pacific."

it was pretty neat.

But you have to step in all the way...

to get the full effect.

And suddenly,
it's all around you...

The rumble of the locomotive,
and the scenery passing by
as you wind your way
across the landscape.

But what's this???

Get Out!!

There between the windshield...

was another bread crumb...

Do, Do, Do, Do...

All Aboard!!

Warmest Regards,


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