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Number 354
A Good Cup of Tea
January 23, 2004

Dear Friends,

And speaking of Mr. Lincoln...

Now it's time
for the little bonus...

Over in the corner,
tucked away from view...

is what's left of
Lincoln's Funeral Car...

although you wouldn't know it...

from the signs.

If you look,
there's only a little blurb
off to the left...

plus you can't see anything...

because of the high back couch
and it's too dark to get
a decent shot.

Hard to believe!!!

They spent all this money,
and then
"The Big Attraction"
or what should be the
"Pride and Joy"
of the museum...
is off in the corner somewhere
so you can barely see it,
let along get a picture.

clearly this would not do...

Especially since...
Mr. Lincoln was in town.

So I marched down
to the directors office,
introduced her to Mr. Lincoln
and said
this will not do.

She said the museum policy
prohibited flash photography,
but under the circumstances,
it would be OK...

"Just this Once."

And then I waited for permission
to enter the display for better shots.

It was not offered...

But she did take me upstairs,
and told the docents
I was allowed to take
flash pictures
of the display.

So I went over...

and got...

juuuust as close as I could.

About that time,
the Docent came over
and I figured we were...
"In trouble now!!!"

Lucky for Mr. Lincoln,
she said,
"Why don't you go on in...?

"Gee, why didn't I think of that??"

So we took a stroll
around the all imposing
"Felt Rope"
and quickly found ourselves in
"The Inner Sanctum."

So how cool was this??

not wanting to let a
"Once in a Life Time Opportunity"
pass us by,
we took advantage
of the situation
and got a few shots
of Mr. Lincoln in his old digs.

First he went to work...

It felt good to be
"Back in the Saddle."

But after all these years,
things have been piling up...


he took a short break...

on the padded sofa,
but it was a little too stiff...

so he moved over to
this one... that's more like it!!


After a short nap,
we moved over to the...

easy chair...

and settled in
for a nice cup of tea!!

Or so we thought...

Seems the Tea Shoppe was closed!!

Hard to believe,
but sometimes it's impossible,
even for a President
to get a good cup of tea.

Warmest Regards,


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