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Number 353
Stroke of a Pen!!
January 21, 2004

Dear Friends,

So now,
to the second floor.


"The Big Picture"
once again.

Sorry couldn't resist....

"Union Pacific"

If we turn to the left...

is this vintage
Pullman Car Display...

right next to the
"Real Deal"
or at least 16 seats
from the
"Real Deal".

On the movie screen
is an old GM Film on
Train Engines and Transportation...

but the real
"Hollywood Display"
is around the corner...

as well as this one
detailing the railroad's
role in establishing
vacation destinations

as a way of promoting
train travel.

They sort of went,
"Hand in Glove"

And speaking of gloves,
you can't build a railroad
without a lot of hard work.

First you need...

Rails, Ties, and Bridges,
which all need to be maintained...

electronically as this panel shows.

But what about...

command and control??

This show the control board
at one of their rail yards.

Then how do you keep track of each train???

Why GPS of course...


You should be!!

All this,
plus much more,
to one of the largest
Railroads in the World...

with over 7000 locomotives
and 100,000 freight cars!!

And just think,
it all started with...

"A Vision"

"The Stoke of a Pen!!"

Warmest Regards,


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