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Number 351
The First Floor
January 21, 2004

Dear Friends,

Should be interesting
to see how this one works out...

Will be fun to go
Coast to Coast
on the train.

And speaking of trains...

Council Bluffs
is home to...

The Union Pacific Museum...

which used to be
The Public Library...

before they built the new one.

The entrance is restricted
to the lower lever
for wheel chair access,
so when you come in...

you're greeted by
Dick Davidson, President
Union Pacific Railroad.

May 10, 2003

Welcome to the Union Pacific Museum,

In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln signed the pacific Railroad Act,
authorizing the creation of the Union Pacific Railroad. Since that
point in time, the history of the Union Pacific would forever become
interwinded with the history of our Nation-a history you are about
to see unfold.

For generations, the men and women of the Union Pacific have taken
great pride in their role in building America. Thank you for sharing
in our experience.

Dick Davidson

Now that we've been greeted by the President...

it was only natural for...

"The President"
to sign
the guest book.

Mission accomplished,
off to the right...

is the research center...

and off to the left...

is the Gift Shop.

Then it's up stairs for...

"The Big Picture"

Quite literally...

To the left...

is the Union Pacific Family Tree,
and to the right...

Bob the Buffalo
and various
American Indian
artifacts from
The Great Plains.

Following along...

is a display about construction
and living accommodations.

Looks almost like
The Fireman's Suite.

To the right and left are
Lincoln Items,
plus a little bonus,
but we'll save that for later...

Moving along is...

"The Big Room"
partly because it is a
"Big Room"
but because it provides
"The Big Picture".

Lots of stuff
in here
to wet you whistle.

And speaking of which...
they even have a few,
but I don't have a shot.

Maybe next

Speaking of which...

they do have a display on
"Railroad Standard Time"
which was the beginning
of modern time keeping.

Around the corner...

is the Hotel display,
which chronicles the story of
The Union Pacific Transfer Hotel
and the
Grand Hotel.

Note the Lincoln Bust,
and the Volk Statue
behind the buffalo.

With a few exceptions,
that pretty much covers
The First Floor.

Warmest Regards,


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