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Number 349
So How Cool is That??
January 20, 2004

Dear Friends,

My thoughts exactly...

And so it seems
like we're on the same page,
although sometimes I wonder
if it's the same book.

Did you notice
the time??

END 3:43 P.M. EST

#343-His Great Humanity

Which brings me to the upcoming
Lincoln Birthday Celebration
in Washington.

The invitation is in the mail,
and plans are to go,
but there's the small problem
of transportation.

The Fire Truck is out,
so that only leaves
a couple options...

Take the Train,
Your Thumb
as a last resort...

And while the last one might seem
a little far fetched...

consider this...

Patrick Harmon,
not only did it,
but backwards no less.

Hard to believe,
but one thousand percent true!!

Have yet to research it,
but my guess is,
for $20,000,
he made it.

But since I don't have 260 days
we'll have to save this one for later.

So that leaves three more.

While it might be fun
to hitch hike at some point,
now is not the time.

So now we're down to
Planes and Trains.

Took the Plane...

last year,
so that leaves...


So I walked across the street...

to the Emeryville Station
and got the number for
the Oakland office.

I knew this,
because my buddy...

Steve Bush
mentioned it during conversation.

I had to jump through a few hoops
and do maybe one back flip,
but I got the number
and made the call.

Since Greyhound comped
Mr. Lincoln's ride to Omaha...

maybe they would consider
a similar arrangement.

I can see it now...

"Mr. Smith...I mean Mr.Lincoln
goes to Washington...

via Amtrak."

Click Here for Schedules

It could work...

While interested,
there were a few issues.

First and fore most,
the request had to be in writing.

Oh boy,
not another Novel!!

Lucky for me,
she has an email address...

Three hours,
and 48 pictures later,
I hit send...

End of story...Right???


As I'm working
through the story,
it hits me like a freight

Actually it was a Streamliner,
but who's checking!!

This could be pretty cool.

You see,
70 years ago,
on February 12, 1934...

The City of Salina
began the nation's first
Streamliner service
on the Union Pacific from
Los Angeles to Washington.

The City of Salina, 1934.
During the race to put a high-speed rail streamliner into passenger service,
the Union Pacific, under contract to the Pullman Car and Manufacturing Co. of Chicago,
delivered the City of Salina on Feb. 12, 1934.

Some called it a "monster airplane fuselage on wheels"
but the Union Pacific considered it "Tomorrow's Train Today!"

In the tail was a buffet kitchen for light meals, for service at passengers' chairs.
Exhaustive study was done of the data from aircraft wind-tunnel tests and wooden scale-model tests.
As a result the trucks (wheel units) were shrouded and the units were connected by rubber sheeting to close gaps.
Doors and windows were set flush with the body,
which was three feet lower than conventional cars.

This train could attain 110 mph and cruise at 90 mph.
The train rushed from Omaha to Washington, D.C.
and was inspected by President Roosevelt.

It continued a 13,000 mile tour through 22 states.
At the 1934 Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago,
over 1-1/2 million potential customers toured this first streamliner.

She was scrapped for war materiel in 1942 after 900,000 miles.

Click Here for Original

Like I said,
"It could work..."

Mr. Lincoln and I could go to LA,
which is where we're headed anyhow,
hop on Amtrak
and commemorate
the 70th Anniversary
of this historic journey
as part of our trip to Washington.

So how cool it that???

Warmest Regards,


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