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Number 348
So Let Us Continue The Journey...
January 19, 2004

Dear Friends,

They could even host
"The Winners"
of the nationwide contest at
The White House.

Now that would be cool!!

All this time,
things are percolating
so I called my friend,
The Chairman of
The Lincoln National Birthday
Commemorative Committee
in Washington to
discuss this years activities at
The Lincoln Memorial.

On thing led to another,
and pretty soon I'm telling him
the story of
Lincoln & The Boy Scouts,
The Annual Pilgrimages
The Harding Memorial Tree.

The idea being to invite
The Boy Scouts
to present a wreath
at this years celebration.

Since there was so much material,
he suggested I write a note
and chronicle the story.

Oh no,
not another novel...

Several days later,
I relented and began to assemble
the material.

Hours later,
there was well over 50 pages
of historic documentation
and 4 pages of commentary.

we needed a cover page,
so I added
"In the Footsteps of Lincoln"

changed the theme to...

Year Two
The Journey Continues

Several days later,
I prepared my letter to
President Bush
and included this as the
Title Page.

You remember,
the 26 page letter
I faxed at 3 am.

Click Here to Read

Then is was off to
The Fireman's Suite
for some well deserved sleep.

So you can imagine my surprise
when I checked CNN first thing
the next morning
and found this headline...

"Bush: Continue the Journey..."

Get Out!!

I quick went to save it,
but for some reason
it wouldn't save.

Then seconds later
they updated the story
and changed the headline.

Excuse Me??

Just to be sure
I wasn't dreaming
went to
The White House
Web Site

Click Here

and got this...

"Mankind is drawn to the heavens
for the same reason
we were once drawn
into unknown lands
and across the open sea."

"We choose to explore space
because doing so improves our lives,
and lifts our national spirit.
So let us continue the journey."
May God bless. (Applause.)

END 3:43 P.M. EST

Warmest Regards,


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