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Number 347
The Journey Continues...
January 19, 2004

Dear Friends,

As you might well imagine,
I was pretty excited about
tripping over Mr. Lincoln's Footsteps
and began to investigate further.

Surely there were other papers
that carried the same column,
but who were they
what were the circumstances.

Did other communities
embrace it like Oakland,
and did they award prizes,
or uncover any buried treasure??

First stop the internet.

Not much here,
so off to ebay,
and finally
ABE Books.


this 15 page pamphlet
compliments of the
Buffalo Evening News.

So it looks like
the whole thing started
on Mr. Lincoln's Birthday.

But what year??

Without going to Buffalo
and checking the papers,
my guess is it was 1923.

But wait,
wasn't that...

"The Beginning"
The Perfect Tribute!!

If you do the math,
it goes to figure,
since apparently the column
was so successful...

she put it into book form
and released,
"In the Footsteps of the Lincolns"
sometime in 1924.

While it's probably not possible
at this point,
it might be fun to use the 80th Anniversary
as the catalyst to re-release
"In the Footsteps of Lincoln"
as a syndicated column
as part of the upcoming
Lincoln Bicentennial.

And then,
just like before,
re-release it in book form as well.

This might be an interesting
project for
The President and First Lady.

So as you can see,
The Journey Continues...

Warmest Regards,


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