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Number 346
Will To Do The Right
January 19, 2004

Dear Friends,

Paul Irving Wells...

of Berkeley.

Actually he was one of Nine,
First, Second & Third
in three categories.

Adult, High School and Grade School.

In this day and age,
hard to believe they could carry
on for so long,
but then these emails were
only supposed to be for 20 days.

In any event,
this is his...

award winning essay.

Here are a few choice tid bits...

Each episode
reveals new phases of his character.

His letters were masterpieces.

Clear thinking,
his habit of getting to the root of a subject,
eliminating the immaterial
confounded his opponents.

His exactness in statement
proved integrity of mind.

Lincoln's saving grace
was his abiding faith
in the mental honesty
of his fellow man.

Constantly reasoning,
he assumed that to convince
he had to show logical proof.

Lincoln's creed:
"charity toward all,
malice toward none"
his prayer,
"wisdom to know the right,
will to do the right."

Warmest Regards,


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