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Number 345
And the Winner IS...??
January 19, 2004

Dear Friends,

It took over 6 months,
from September 20 to March 22...

to complete the journey...

"It is not with the idea of coaxing
readers to struggle through a dull serial
that the Post-Enquirer
is making its offer of the $540 in cash prizes
for writing the best letters written in review
of this splendid work
when the last chapter has been published."


"This paper believes that every
student, every teacher, every man,
woman and child who is proud
of his or her Americanism
will gain pleasure, information
and inspiration from the Tarbell Story."

and was lauded by...


and readers alike.

Along the way...

there were several...

unexpected and delightful

but they finally made it!!

And the Winner IS...??

Warmest Regards,


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