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Number 342
Let's See...That was September 30th
January 16, 2004

Dear Friends,

And the first stop was
The Oakland Public Library
to check out
The San Francisco Chronicle
September 30, 1923.

And there it was in Spades!!

But the most telling part was toward the end...

"At the close of the meeting,
Hoag frankly express himself as unshaken
in his determination to recommend the shifting
of the efforts of the association toward
securing the connection with Los Angeles."

and then he goes on to say...

"The time is past,
in my opinion,
when aid from San Francisco
can accomplish anything of immediate value
to the Lincoln Highway Association."

"We did not receive aid in the past
when it would have helped us,
and it is entirely too late now
for it to do us any good."

Boy to do those words ring true!!

How does the saying go???

"Those who fail to learn from the past,
are doomed to repeat it."

And unfortunately,
it looks like we're rapidly
traveling down
those same dusty old roads.

I found this...

in Motor West.

Too Late!!

Guess that pretty much covers that!!

clearly this was News,
and would need further investigation.

So I got out my
Sherlock Holmes Hat,
lit up my pipe
and went to work.

If the Chronicle ran a story,
maybe the Oakland papers did too.

First the Tribune...

Nothing there,
so better try
The Oakland Post-Enquirer.

Let's see...that was September 30th,

Warmest Regards,


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