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Number 339
Solidly Behind His Purpose...
January 16, 2004

Dear Friends,

And then it gets better...

Revering to this event,
the 1954 Flag Day issue of
Lincoln Lore,
goes on to say...

But what's really interesting...

is the title and context...

"This revision becomes especially timely
because it gives to the pledge to the flag
a Lincolnesque tone."

So how cool is this!!!

Perhaps the gentleman suing over
"Under God"
should read Lincoln Lore.

And then it gets better...

"It is understood that the use of the two
supplemented words in not compulsory."

Case Dismissed!!

But what's really interesting...

is the resolution was passed
so it could first be used in it's new form
on flag Day!!

And speaking of Lincoln and Flag Day.

Check this out...

"Salute of Rifles and Cannons
to reverberate from
Coast to Coast "

"It is proposed that flags shall be raised
on every school house and public building
situated on the Lincoln Highway
from the Atlantic to the Pacific
at exactly the same time on June 14."

"It is intended that,
as the flags flutter upwards
on thousands of poles
along the 3,381 miles of highway,
salutes shall be fired
with rifles and cannon
and that bands shall burst forth
with stirring strains of the national hymn.
A Flag Day Celebration on
The Lincoln Highway."

Did the Lincoln Highway Boys
have their act together or what!!!

That being said,
haven't found any documentation
the celebration ever took place.

While slated for 1916,
think it might be time to do
"The Real Deal"
and set the stage for...

The 190th Anniversary of
The Star Spangled Banner...

with the Entire Nation
Solidly behind his Purpose!!

Warmest Regards,


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