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Number 338
Omen of What is to Come...
January 16, 2004

Dear Friends,

And so...

Behold this Man!

Behold this man!
Let others write

His character,
his rugged mien,

His fervent battle for Right,
About his soul so pure and clean.

But let me tell in language shorn
Of lifting lines and muted song

The proof that such soul was born
To dwell forever midst the throng.

The Lincoln Highway,

The Lincoln counties,
Lincoln Way,

The Lincoln cities,
Lincoln Lane,

The Lincoln Penny,
Lincoln Play.

A myriad of Lincoln brands,
old and new.

Sent forth to all the distant lands
As emblems of the best and true.

Behold this Man!

Let others tell
The rhythmic glamours of his fate.

And weave a fine,
poetic spell-
I furnish proof that he was great!

He is the Key...

You might recall
The Day Star of Peace...

that appeared at his
Second Inauguration.

Here are a few excerpts
from the Lincoln Lore...

And then it gets better...

It seems there were two similar
incidents surrounding his first Inauguration.

While they seem to have gotten
the Inaugurations mixed up...

the fact remains,
that President Lincoln
did raise the Flag over the Post Office
on May 22,1861
and a few moments after raising it to the top,
a stiff breeze did spring up
and unfurl the flag.

So impressed was Lincoln
with this occurrence
that he stepped back to the platform
for a few remarks...

Which brings us to
the first such incident in Philadelphia
on Washington's Birthday
as the President-Elect
made his way from
Springfield to Washington,
and in his own words describes the scene.

"When, according to the arrangement,
the cord was pulled and it flaunted gloriously
to the wind without an accident,
in the bright glowing sun-shine of the morning,
I could not help hoping
that there was in the entire success
of that beautiful ceremony,
at least something of an omen
of what is to come."

Warmest Regards,


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