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Number 335
What Are the Odds on That??
January 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

More on this later...

Since the afternoon was still young,
we moved on to mine for
undiscovered treasure.

You might recall,
he has several filing cabinets
full of original records from the
San Francisco Boy Scout Office
dating back to the early 20's.


After an hour or so,
I came up with several
original letters regarding
The 1928 Boy Scout Trip
Lincoln Highway Sign Posting...

like this one from
Charles Mills
the Trip Director.

All excited,
I took the files in the other room
and began to review them in greater detail.

There were quite a few,
so I just added them to the piles
already on the desk
and went to work.

After about a half hour or so,
right out of left field,
my friend says,
"Yea, I just bought a whole scrapbook
from a guy the other day at the flea market."

"That's it on the bottom of the pile."

Then he never said another word.

Ten minutes later,
I finished organizing
and kicked back for moment to relax.

On a whim,
I thought...
"What the never know."

At first glance,
it didn't look like much,
then Bingo!!

Can you believe it???

There was original material concerning
The Annual Pilgrimage
The Harding Memorial Tree
Lincoln's Birthday
February 12, 1926
Lincoln Park
at the
End of The Lincoln Highway!!!

How cool is this??

And then it gets better...

The scrapbook belonged to...

Scout Robert H. Frank...

who gave the principal address,
"Our Debt to Abraham Lincoln".

What are the odds on that??

Warmest Regards,


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