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Number 334
One and Inseparable
January 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

Three years on the road,
and that's the first
Lincoln Highway
Key Ring!!

Hard to believe,
but one thousand percent true. back to the story.

I settled in for the ride
back to Berkeley
and began to read...

The Lincoln Lore's.

I picked up one on...

Mr. Lincoln's 125 Birthday,
and stopped dead in my tracks
when I got to the part about the
Boy Scout Pilgrimage.

Could it be True??

Was it really in the

If so it would explain a lot of things,
and cement the bridge
I'd been building between
The Boy Scouts and The Lincoln Highway.

Even so,
I was going to have to see it
to believe it.

Next day,
I called my
Boy Scout Buddy
in San Francisco
and posed the question.

You might recall,
he has one of the largest
Scout Collections
in the United States.

Sure enough,
and then it gets better...

Not only was it in the By-laws,
but they had a 90 page
Special Publication
"Celebrating Anniversary Week"
that went into great detail.

As you might imagine,
I was on the next train to Clarksville,
or in this case...BART to San Bruno.

Almost immediately,
we came up with several editions
of the By Laws.

This is the 1917 Edition.

And then,
there it was,
plain as day...

Article 16, Section 5.


And then there was the...

The Anniversary Edition...

on page 5.

And again..

But perhaps the strongest link is this...

this from the
First Boy Scout Handbook.

Mr. Lincoln is the model of
"A True Scout".

Surely we could stop there!!

But wait,
it gets better...

On January 20, 1936
the editors of Lincoln Lore...

carry it a step further,
and call him
"Scouting's Patron Saint."

Well...that seals it!!

End of Story!!

Mr. Lincoln and Scouting
"One and Inseparable"

Warmest Regards,


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