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Number 333
But Only if They're Nuts
January 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

It all started innocently enough...

I was at
The State Library
in Sacramento doing research.

After several days,
I had things pretty well mined out
and decided to cross the street
and see what undiscovered treasures
lay hidden at
The State Transportation Library.

Having been there before,
I knew the drill,
so I checked in with the guard
and had her call down for an escort.

5 minutes later,
The Librarian greeted me and said,
"Did you make an appointment?"

"Excuse Me??"
"I had a couple hours,
and thought I'd check things out
so I could plan for future
treasure hunting expeditions."

You just can't
Drop In!!"

And that was that.

End of story!!!

Shocked and with my tail between my legs,
I went back across the street
with several hours to kill.

What to Do??
What to Do??

But of course...

A well respected
series of Bulletins
first issued in 1929
and produced by
The Lincoln National Life Foundation
in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

They had a full set,
so I told the librarian
to bring the first volume,
and keep them coming.

Famous last words...

Time sure flies
when you're having fun,
because pretty soon it was 4pm
and time to pack it up for the day.

Rather hurriedly,
I made copies of a select few
and headed off for the train station.

In case you were wondering...

"The Capital Corridor"
as it's called
runs 24 trips a day
from San Jose to Sacramento.

For $15.00 you can catch a train in...

Emeryville and be in Sacramento,
an hour and a half later,
rested and ready to go.

I usually caught the 6:23 am,
was in Sac by 8:15,
and ready to put
my nose to the grindstone

when they opened the library at 9.

In reverse,
don't let the door
hit you in the ass on the way out
when they closed up shop at 4pm.

Then it was down the street,
catch the Number 30,
All Aboard at 4:40,
and diner at Denny's by 6:15.

By and large,
it was pretty much
same old...same old,
but one night I walked
by the Dinning Car
and through the window
this pack of M & M Peanuts
called my name.

Well that was a first...
So I made a bee line
to satisfy the urge,
and was surprised to find
a Lincoln Highway Key Ring
on the counter!!

It belonged to Steve Bush...

Amtrak Steward,
no relation to
George W. Bush,
who just so happens to live on
The Lincoln Highway.

Note the Key Ring in his pocket...

Talk about your Small World!!

Of the 10 plus trips to Sac recently,
this is the first time
I visited the dining car.

Guess I'm going to have to
start paying more attention to
M & M's.

You never know what they might
have to say.

But only if they're Nuts!!

Warmest Regards,


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