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Number 332
In the Footsteps of Lincoln
January 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

And So,
Mission Accomplished!!

as you can see,
it was both a success,
and a disappointment.

"The Big Event"
to leap frog
The Lincoln Highway
to the
Global Arena,
the remaining events
lose their ability
to inspire and carry
us though 2009
and the finale.

Everything builds on itself,
so without the
"Global Foundation"
it makes it difficult
to proceed with any hope
of making a significant impact.

That being said,
don't know what more
I could do,
short of beating people
over the head with a 2x4.

But then that would defeat
the purpose.

For my part,
I'm comfortable
with my efforts,
although you always
like to see things
reach their full potential.

And we all know,
there was no shortage of Opportunity,
and no shortage of Direction,
only a lack of Desire
by a few key players.

Which brings up the issue
of how do we proceed??

While I have always
played for broke
with no holds barred,
the realities of life
are starting to close in.

Three years on the Mountain
has taken it's toll
and the supply lines
are running thin.

What to Do?
What to Do??

The fall is too far,
you can't go right,
you can't go left,
and you can't just sit here,
so the only way to go is up...

The potential is just to great!!

But in order to move forward,
we need a path to follow,
something to guide our way
as we continue to strive for
the Mountain top.

For a moment,
it seemed like the trail might go cold,
but then sure enough,
off in the distance,
a flame appeared once again
to guide us the final distance as
"The Journey Continues..."

Warmest Regards,


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