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Number 331
Next Year
January 13, 2004

Dear Friends,

After that
we hung around
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
engaged in meaningful conversation,
and roasted
Halloween Cookies,
and drank
Sodi Pop
into the wee hours
of the morning.

This is the scene...

late the next afternoon
with what was left.

Notice I said,

I was a worn out puppy...

and crashed in the trailer
until 2:30 the next day.

This is what it looked like...

when I awoke.

Note the little burn spot
from our mishap.

Here's a close up...

in the daylight.

About that time...

the Assistant Chief
came down to help,
so we finished cleaning up...

and harvested the ashes,
so towns and cities,
all around the world
could request ashes from
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
for next years
"Light Around the World"

Warmest Regards,


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