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Number 330
Lincoln's Eyes
January 13, 2004

Dear Friends,

At this point,
the script written 90 years ago,
kept the fire burning through the night
joining the rest of the Nation
later that evening.

with the
"One Fire Rule"
there was a slight change of plans.

So I went ahead
and led the group through the
"Light Around the World"

Everything was going
according to plan...

when we had to stop and call
The Fire Department.

In all the excitement,
we forgot to wet down
the grass around the fire ring...

Thanks to the Chief,
we were
back in business
seconds later.

With that taken care of,
we went through
each and every step
of the Ceremony.

As an extra bonus,
I mingled ashes from
"The Woodbadge Fire"
collected during Mr. Lincoln's visit
earlier in the year with
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty".

BP would have been proud!!

You might recall,
Woodbadge is
Adult Leadership Training
for the Boy Scouts
and was started by...

Lord Baden Powell
founder of Scouting
in 1907.

For more info on
The Chief Scout of the World...

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This is the history of the
Campfire Ashes
from the
Woodbadge Newsletter.

Legend has it that Lord Baden-Powell would take a small amount of ash
from the campfire and spread these ashes into the next,
thereby bringing to all Scouts and Scouters
the international aspect of the world brotherhood of Scouting.

Campfire ashes emblazoned here,
began at Brownsea Island in August 1907,
(B-P’s great “experiment”)
and have traveled ’round the world
to campfires in 54 countries,
44 U.S. states,
and five Canadian provinces.

Of the 1,500-plus campfires represented,
(excluding multiples at some events)
these ashes are from:
9 World Jamborees,
14 U.S. National Jamborees,
National Jamborees in 10 countries,
Scotland, Canada, Finland, Japan, and Korea;

Soil from the gravesite of Lord Baden-Powell in Kenya,
plus ashes from the International Camp ring at Gilwell Park,
and from campfires on Brownsea Island,
spanning every decade
from that first Scout campfire in 1907;

184 Wood Badge courses in five different countries, plus 18 Reunions;
112 Scout Leader training events and 124 Boy Leader training events,
including campfires at Philmont, Schiff and the Florida Sea Base;
plus campfires from both Girl Guide and Girl Scout events worldwide;
86 Order of the Arrow ceremony fires,
including 14 Vigil Honor fires;
seven summer camp openings and two permanent camp closings;
plus campfires of more than 150 Scout summer camps,
and more than 185 unit campfires.

The Lakota Sioux Council Fire tradition.
This dates back to “before there were horses”.
Jim Fuller has received special permission
to include these ashes in our fire on 9/20/02,
an event of significant magnitude because it cannot be undone.
Jim had sought permission to mix these ashes for some time
and had only recently received it.

(The actual tradition of carrying ashes from one fire
to the next was not invented by Baden-Powell
but was adopted from the customs of other peoples,
including the Native Americans. ed.)

When it came time to announce
The Memorial Mile,
a woman from across the street came
and joined in the ceremony.


Joseph Maloney,
Battalion 6-Manhattan,
was the honoree
for Council Bluffs,
and we each lit a candle from
The Sacred Fire
in his honor.

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343 Fallen Firefighter's...

and their assigned
Fire Department...

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Then we struck
"The Four Fives"
each taking a set of Five.

with candles still lit,
The Ceremony ended,
with the reading of...

Warmest Regards,


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