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Number 329
North, South, East and West
January 12, 2004

Dear Friends,

Hard to believe,
but after 4 years in the making
the time had finally come to light
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty".

And so it is particularly fitting,
that I tell the story of
"The Sacred Fire"
on January 12th
Carl Fisher's 130th Birthday.

You remember...

Carl was the founder of
The Lincoln Highway
back in 1912.

Around 10:30 or so
The Assistant Chief
left the Station
for some last minute items.

Memorial Candles
and of course,
a few
Halloween Goodies.

By 11 pm we were at
The Golden Spike.

And around 11:30,
my lone Civil War Soldier arrived
followed shortly thereafter by
the Photographer for
The Nonpareil
and finally the Fire Chief
who pulled up in a
One Ton Grass Rig.

After a quick check
to see if the pump worked
it was time to begin...

The count was 4 not including
the photographer.

The Civil War Soldier
The Chief
Assistant Chief.

We gathered off in the distance,
lit two of the torches
and then made our way to
"The Sacred Fire."

As we entered the circle,
we each lit one of
the four torches...

on either side of the picnic table.

On the Table...

were various symbolic items.

The bunting was from the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
and had traveled
across the Continent.

The wreath,
was the one presented at
The Lincoln Memorial...

on Mr. Lincoln's Birthday.

The Golden Spike
was placed in the middle of
Mr. Lincoln's two halves
and was a replica of
"The Real Deal"
given to Mr. Lincoln...

by the NPS Head Ranger
at Promontory Point, Utah
and was resting on the Flag
that flew with
Mr. Lincoln
The Blue Angels
Fleet Week.

The three fire Helmets
were from Valley, Nebraska
Oakland and Berkeley

The Valley Helmet...

was in the middle as the first
The Oakland and Berkeley Helmets
on either side.

They represent
"The End of the Trail"
as well as the location...

"The Perfect Tribute"
was conceived and written.

The Fire Bell
was given by a
Fire Chief
somewhere in Iowa,
and mounted by a Fireman
in Moraga, California.

The Candles
were for
The Memorial Service.

On the back side of the Table...

was the
"Book of Remembrance"
a copy of
"The Perfect Tribute"
The Lincoln Highway Proclamations
issued by the Governors of
plus the three
additional flags to Fly with...

Mr. Lincoln and The Blue Angels.

So now that we've got that covered,
we can move on to the actual ceremony.

I started with a brief introduction of
The Lincoln Highway Comes of Age,
followed by
The Perfect Tribute.

As midnight approached,
The Chief
sounded the alarm
and turned on the flashing lights
like they did 90 years before.

After that,
we each took one of the four torches
and "all together" lit
"The Scared Fire of Liberty"

each from a different direction
representing each of the 4 winds,
North, South, East and West.

Warmest Regards,


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