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Number 326
Pray for Rain...
January 12, 2004

Dear Friends,

for the best laid plans of
mice and men.

I waited for all the pieces to fall
before contacting my buddy at
The Nonpareil.

Didn't want to mislead anyone
with wild speculation
or false information.

So I made one last call to the Chief
just to make sure...

Seems there was a small problem,
The Health Department
placed a countywide ban
on open burns,
and there was no rain in the forecast.

Oh we go!!

This is the only time
I've ever seen
The Health Department
The Fire Chief.

And since nobody
knew about it except
The Fire Chief,
City Officials,
The Health Department
it became a political football.

The Health Department
had recently denied
a request for a bonfire for
"The Big Game"
so how could they make an exception for me??

but this was
"The Sacred Fire of Liberty"
and Council Bluffs time to
"Lead the Nation"!!

Guess I could've gone public,
but that would only make
matters worse.

So the only thing left
to do was
"Pray for Rain".

Warmest Regards,


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