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Number 325
And From 1700 Miles Away...
January 12, 2004

Dear Friends,

So you can see
why I was excited
about traveling to
Council Bluffs
Trick or Treat
The 90th Anniversary of
The Dedication of
The Lincoln Highway.

What could be more Perfect???

So I called the Fire Chief
and popped
"The Big One."

He was very agreeable
and seemed to think
everything would be fine.

The Chief
even suggested
Golden Spike Park
as a possible location.

I sent him a packet of
historical material
for his own edification
and to fill in the natives.

In short,
everything was going
according to plan.

being 1751 miles away,
there was still some question
as to how it would all fall together...

But at least we were moving forward.

We even joked...

Bottom line,
regardless of what happens,
at least there would 2 warm bodies present to
"Light The Sacred Fire of Liberty".

On the downside,
I was covered,
so now it was just a question of
how others might fit into the puzzle.

On a whim,
I read the 1913 article again
and discovered
"The Dodge Light Guards"
were present and fired
a Canon Salute.

So the call went out
to find a contingent of
Sons of Union Veterans
for a possible repeat.

That took a whole 2 seconds,
so the only thing left
was find some fire wood
and bodies willing to help.

You might recall...

Mr. Lincoln's visit to Woodbadge Training
in Email #273-True Scout.

Surely there must be some
Woodbadgers in Council Bluffs??

It took a few calls,
but finally found a trooper
with a pickup truck and chainsaw.

So it was all set,
and from 1700 miles a way...

Warmest Regards,

PS...You might notice I skipped a few numbers
to bring me in line with the actual count
since I've accidentally repeated a few times.

All this to bring everything up to date,
for this online
Posting and Index
of all 325 plus emails...

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So much for 20 Days!!

So now you can delete all those old emails
and read them all online.

Like I said,
some of the numbers have changed,
but they're still all the same.

So tell you friends,
or just go back and reread your favorites.

To date have posted the first 20,
and will be adding to the list daily
as time permits with all the latest
added promptly.


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