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Number 324
Trick or Treat!!!
January 9, 2004

Dear Friends,

And speaking of the Pure of Heart...

I'm minding my own business,
enjoying the scene and taking photos
when suddenly these two boys
appear out of nowhere.

Seems they lived down the street,
saw me drive by
and they just had to see the truck.

So they drug Dad up the street
to check it out.

And get this...

Turns out
is a real live fireman for
The Omaha Fire Department.

one thing led to another,
and Dad said,
"It's getting late,
Do you have a place to stay?"

"Well...funny you should ask??"

Since I was on the way out of Council Bluffs
and had nothing lined up,
he said,
"I could set you up at my station."

It was his day off,
but called he shift Captain
at Station 61...

which just happened to be
on the far west side of Omaha
and made arrangements
for me to stay the night.

It was Perfect!!

Lucky for me,
I stopped by to see the Angel.

But then it gets better...

They take off,
and all of a sudden...

these guys show up.

Turns out they're all Firemen
The Lincoln Fire Department.

I gave them a few seconds,
and then there it was...

"Oh, there's this guy in Lincoln
you just have to meet."

But then that's another story...


Are you tired yet???

I know I was,
but there was still one more
surprise in store.

I turn around...

and run into this young fellow.

Trick or Treat!!

Warmest Regards,


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