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Number 323
Blessed Are The Pure of Heart
January 9, 2004

Dear Friends,

with the stocking cap
firmly on my head,
I quickly checked my compass
and headed off into the sunset...

But wait...

"Have you been to the Dodge House?"

You remember him...Lincoln's friend
and Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific.

Oh Boy,
here we go again...

It was just around the corner,
so I made quick detour.

Talk about a blast from the Past!!

Every room was perfectly decorated...

to give you a glimpse
of life with
General Dodge.

It is one of the finest
Victorian restorations
I've ever seen!!

A must see if ever in CB.

Mr. Lincoln and I got the .50 cent tour...

then posed for pictures with the staff.

Sure glad we made the effort.

On the way out the door
they said,
"Have you seen the Black Angel...?"

"Excuse Me??"

"Not again!!"

"Oh but you have to see the Angel..."

Turns out
she was just across the street
from the Lincoln Memorial
in the Fairview Cemetery...

and was the marker for...

Ruth Anne Dodge,
wife of General Dodge
and was sculpted by...

Daniel Chester French...

who just so happened to do this one as well.

And speaking of
Daniel Chester French
and Mr. Lincoln,
I sent this shot to
The Associated Press
in 2001 and it moved
as a preview to
Mr. Lincoln's Birthday.

Click Here
to see it as if moved.

Since then,
I posted it on the web site
as a Hi-Res Download
for those looking for a good
Lincoln Image.

Click Here to Download

At the time,
didn't think much about it,
but several weeks ago,
the cell phone rang
and it was a reporter from Dallas
wanting permission to use it in a
Lincoln Story.

Of course,
but that got me to thinking...

Maybe there were others,
that hadn't bothered to call,
so I did a search on Google
and came up with three.

This one...

Click Here To Read

The News-Star
in Shawnee, Oklahoma
in an AP story about
Daniel Chester French.

How cool is that???

And then there's this one...
Click Here To View

also from the AP Story.

But my favorite is this...

Click Here To View

The Harvard Republican Club
and their annual
Lincoln Day Dinner.

Pretty Neat!!

Now back to the Angel...

As the story goes,
Mrs. Dodge experienced a dream
on the three nights preceding her death in 1916.

According to the legend,
Mrs. Dodge related to family members
that she had a vision of being on a rocky shore
and through a mist, saw a boat approach.

On the prow was a beautiful young woman
whom Mrs. Dodge thought to be an angel.

The woman carried a small bowl under one arm
and extended the other arm toward Mrs. Dodge
in an invitation to partake of the water
flowing from the vessel.

Then, according to accounts later published
by Mrs. Dodge's daughter, Anne,
the angel spoke twice, saying:
"Drink...I bring you both a promise and a blessing."

The daughter wrote that the vision
came three times to her mother and,
on the third visit,
Mrs. Dodge took the drink as offered and felt
"transformed into a new and glorious spiritual being."

Mrs. Dodge died soon after the third vision.

The monument was dedicated in 1920 and carries these inscriptions:

"Blessed are the Pure of Heart,
for they shall see God."
Matt. 5:8

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Warmest Regards,


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