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October 12, 2003

Dear Friends,

But what does all this mean??

First the Flags...

All four came off the
"Spirit of the Lincoln Way"
and have flown...

on a recent tour of Berkeley.

Mr. Lincoln was tucked in
the one with the
3 corner fold.

That flag,
will stay at the Museum
for a special
Blue Angels Display,
and the others will be presented to
various organizations or individuals.

Then everything was wrapped
in the Vest...

which was presented...

Lovingly made
the same day I arrived...

in San Francisco by...

Mama Shaw in Irwin, PA.

It was the fourth...

in a series and was saved
for just such a special occasion.

You might remember,
she and Barry Manilow...

were responsible for
"One Voice"
The 136th Anniversary of
"The Day Mr. Lincoln Came to Town"
and her grandson...

Scotty was...

"The Guest of Honor"

The two pictures of the
USS Abraham Lincoln
did not fly,
but were signed by...

the pilots...

and crew...

to replace the original ones
presented by this sailor
in Salt Lake City.

After the flight,
Mr. Lincoln and I helped the Chief
with various chores,
so we took this shot...

That's my new Nikon D1D,
I wish...

Then as a token of appreciation,
he invited us to fly next year...

and gave us a VIP Pass
for Saturday's Show.

Warmest Regards,


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