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Number 274
Four Flags and a Vest
October 12, 2003

Dear Friends,

Well...that's pretty close
to what Mr. Lincoln saw.

Good thing,
The Blue Angels,
have a staff photographer.

Now for what I saw...
After check in at Signature Aviation...

with the Public Information Officer...

we met the Commanding Officer,
Commander Russ Bartlett.

Mr. Lincoln flew
with him in the lead plane.

After proper introductions...

it was out to the flight line...

for the formal walk down...

as the pilots man their planes.

With their engines revved
and ready to go...

Commander Bartlett
takes the lead and salutes...

as they taxi by...
on the way to the runway.

Moments later,
they were off...

for their final practice session
before the main show on Saturday.

45 minutes later...

they were back...

and parked their planes,
ready for the next day.

Then the fun began...

They presented Mr. Lincoln with this
VIP Flight Certificate...

and took this photo.

I got this shot...

showing all the elements.

Of course,
there's Mr. Lincoln,
but flying with him
were 4 flags and one vest.

Warmest Regards,


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