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Number 273
Ride With the Angels
October 12, 2003

Dear Friends,

Well Friday was
"The Big Day..."
"Mr. Lincoln's Ride with The Angels."
The Flight was scheduled for 2:45,
with arrival at 2:00pm.

After a bus ride,
and an Executive Shuttle to
Signature Aviation,
Mr. Lincoln and I arrived at 1:59.

After a short orientation,
it was up, up and away...

That's my Wing Man,
Number 2.

Moments later,
we were over the bay..

then quick upside down...

not once,
but twice...

then we went...


and several minutes later,
saw this out the side window!!

Gee, how close are they??

Try 12 to 15 inches!!


Don't know about you,
but that was more than enough for me...

so it was back to the barn,
after an exciting
"Ride with the Angels."

Warmest Regards,


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